Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

    It's Mother's Day, and the streets of Downtown LA were booming with commerce.  I started my journey in the Flower District.  To be honest I was on my way to the Alcoholic Beverage store and the flowers happened to be in the way. However, I'm glad they were because I got to see how special  mother's Day really is.  The sidewalks were so packed with people buying flowers for their Moms' that I had to pratically walk in the street to avoid them..which is a good thing.  All of this activity greatly overshadowed the fact there was heavy overcast and to be honest an overall gloomy day but like I said still a good one.

Flower District
    After I left the flower District I began to migrate towards the heart of downtown.  I really got picture happy. I took so many pictures that I took a picture of a camera guy picturing me!  If the streets of the
Everyone loves their Mom
flower district were full then these streets were overflowing.  I love it when there are so many people celebrating that you get to walk in the middle of the street because half of the city is walking with you.  I was so inspired that I actually picked up the phone and called My Mom.  Anyone that knows me knows that I don't pick up the phone for just anybody but this was a special occasion.   I even took it a step further and called my Grandmom, too..why not.  Today was my desingated day off.  It's Sunday, might as well use it to take a break and unwind and of course wish my Mom a happy Mother's Day. After all, you only get one right?  Might as well make her feel special.
Camera Guy filming me

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