Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life on Skid Row

  Upon arrival, the first thing that immediately hits you is the smell.  The stink of piss and sh!t smacks you in the face the moment you step foot in this dump.  This is something that you can't really experience through pictures or video, you just have to be here and trust me you will know exactly the moment you are here when you arrive . The location is unmistakable.
Another day in paradise

   If you are coming from the heart of downtown there is almost an imaginary line drawn where the rest of the world ends and a new world of crap infested streets begins, separated by no more than a block or two.  It's never quiet,  you'll find yourself surrounded by non-stop commotion: drinking, smoking (everything on the
menu), yelling, gambling, fighting, cop's all happening and at the same time.  One thing is for sure there is never a dull moment.  Beer, weed, cigarettes, pretty much whatever you want you can get outside of the store.  Pop it open and pretty much drink it there, too.  Ninety-nine percent of the people here are either on parole or crazy or both, so don't expect a whole lot of civilized conduct.  Today I was looking for the library in Little Tokyo and saw a face that I recognized from one of the missions.  Decided to try my luck and ask her if she knew where it was hoping for a little Skid Row solidarity..

Me: Excuse me miss, do you know where the library is?
Miss Crazy Girl: Up your ass where it's supposed to be!

Thanks lady, you're all class..

  I had to pause for a bit to wrap my head around that one. Why would the library be up my ass?  Oh well, the hell with it gotta keep it movin'. Luckily, I found a normal person right afterward who pointed it out to me. Turns out it was right next door where to Crazy Girl was coming from but like I said oh well.  You gotta have thick skin in the city. If you get your feelings hurt over every little thing you are gonna have a lot of hurt feelings because overall it's a cold world, baby.  Besides, I don't even know why I bothered with her I pretty much knew she was a nut already.  At first glance she seemed like a regular person, but then I would notice her walking around talking to herself, quoting scriptures and preaching incoherent ramblings from her little bible or diary or whatever the hell it is.  Believe it or not, that type of behavior is typical here.  At first it was a little depressing.  Crazy people talking to themselves and yelling at others.  Crippled people with missing legs, plenty people of missing teeth, and of  course everybody with missing marbles. Not to mention piles and piles of crap everywhere (most of it a buffet for the ginormous rats that stomp through the streets at night)  After a while, though, you get numb to it and you don't even feel anything becomes just another day.

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