Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rest in Peace, Bro

Sidewalk Memorial
  Now every time I walk past this corner it's hard for me to not think about that man being shot by those cops, and I cross this street every day.  This morning there was a small memorial laid down for him at the corner where he was gunned down.  Unfortunately, it didn't last long because by the time I returned in the afternoon it had already been scooped up.  Each time I get more and more details about what happened and each time I hear a different story.  Some say it was a narcotics bust, some say it was a robbery.  One thing is for certain, the stories from eyewitnesses do not at all link up with the story given by the police. In fact, after waiting to see news coverage about the incident I saw nothing at all..and that reeks of a cover-up.
Someone got pic at the scene
    The people of Skid Row are outraged.  I'm not sure exactly what happened that day but if it's true that he was armed only with a knife or a box-cutter then I don't think they needed to kill they guy.  There are even some anonymous witnesses that say he never pulled a knife on them at all! Even still, what happened to tazers or beanbag rounds.  I'm sure there had to have been a non-lethal method of bringing him into custody other than dead. I stopped to have a conversation with some people posting flyers and they had some pretty interesting things to say.  One of them being that at the scene of the crime, the police officers that arrived never bothered to question the people there that actually witnessed what happened.  Their only concern was delivering their version of what happened to the media.  So much for protect and serve.  They might as well be mercenaries.  The main person I spoke with is part of a group called LA CAN (Community Action Network) that serves the community of Skid Row.  They organized  a sort of protest that found it's way to the steps of LAPD's Central Police Station.  Once inside they met with the station commander where they demanded a proper investigation.  The only proper response they could get was that it would take about 11 months.  Seriously? 11 MONTHS??  I can only shake my head in disbelief.  Seems to me like they don't want to take  this matter seriously at all.  Anyone else I'm sure would warrant a full investigation immediately, but since it was only a "transient" would be no problem to just sweep it under the rug. 

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