Saturday, May 7, 2011

Skid Row honors Mother's Day

  It started out as a normal day.  I stood in the chow line for a another ration of breakfast slop.  As I crossed the street I had to step out of the way as an older guy took a swing at a Mexican for no apparent reason other than to try to and cross the street himself.  He must have gotten a  piece of him
Mother's Day Celebration
because the guy was bleeding a little bit around the lip.  He seemed pretty cool about it though, rather than beat the crap out of him he casually subdued him to the ground.  I think he must have understood the older man was a little bit off and really didn't want to go out of his way to hurt him.  Most likely having some sort of P.T.S.D. Vietnam War flashback inadvertently triggered by something the other guy did while he was crossing.  Like I said, a normal day on Skid Row.  A nice change of pace today, however, was the block celebration being held by one of the missions in honor of Mother's Day.

These Asian girls can jam!

   It was a pretty big gathering, several streets were blocked off.  They even had a cool little motley jazz band led by a group of Asian girls.  I have to admit it really wasn't that bad, I kind of enjoyed it.  The music had some rhythm and the Asian girls actually had a little bit of soul.  All of it of course was Christian music but that didn't hurt the performance at all.  In between sets they would take time to preach a little about how their mothers inspired them.  Their special guest for the event was Leah Amico.  A 3-time Olympic gold medalist who also donated a few
Leah Amico
words to the occasion in honor of Mother's Day.  She spoke of how her mother always supported her as she chased her dreams and how you can achieve anything if you believe. Afterward she signed autographs,  took pictures, and even let the little kids squeeze in a touch of the solid gold medallions dangling from her neck Mr. T. style.   Can't say that I am a huge fan of softball, but hey it's 3 more Olympic gold medals than I have swinging from my neck so I gotta give props where props are due.  Overall, I feel like the occasion was a success.  It's nice to see something
Signed baseball card
uplifting once in a while especially in a dismal place like this one.  I know that not everyone can be blessed with genius qualities, but whatever little common sense you have you need to exercise.  Even still, despite a few knuckleheads, the missionaries remained very kind and considerate.  I am not an overtly religious person, but I support anything that promotes the type of behavior that encourages any human being to help another.  This particular occasion was set up by the Fred Jordan mission and they've got my vote.  Maybe they've even inspired me a little.  I guess it's about time to give my mom a call.

The group that made this event happen:

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