Thursday, May 5, 2011

Observing the Hustle

  Today, I decided to take a break from my normal routine to participate in the ritual drinking and smoking with the locals. It's amazing how much you can learn in these types of situations.  Things that I would have never paid attention to before I pay a whole lot of attention to now.  One of them being how much money these guys can actually make during their daily routine hustle. 
    I never really considered how much  cash actually flows through these street corners off of beer and liquor alone.  A buddy of mine, one of the 1st people I met when I 1st entered downtown, now makes somewhere around $50-$100 per day just off of alcoholics.  He seems to have made a name for himself as the local bartender and from
Canman makes big bucks, too!
what I can see he has an endless supply of clientele. I even travelled with him when he bought the bus to the liquor store to buy more "wholesale" products and helped him transport it back to the scene so he can make that extra buck.  A dollar or two on each item may seem like small change at a glace but it really does add up..and quickly.  However, it seemed today was particualary hot with police officers, even moreso than usual.  They even went so far as to section off a portion of the block with flares.  I'm still not completely sure exactly what went down, but when you see multiple cars labeled "Bomb Squad" pass through you know it can't be good. It didn't hurt business at all thoutgh.  No matter what, this crowd is gonna get their drink on.

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