Thursday, June 30, 2011

Escape from Poway

   Don't get me wrong, San Diego is a great place but it does have its hang-ups.  There are certain places that you don't want to really hang out and one of those places is definitely a place called Poway.  Stay the hell away from this place if you like to party or have fun because it is cop central.  Apparently they have nothing better to do than to harass anyone they can over every little thing possible.

    The night began pretty smooth.  I met  some cool people that were pretty chill.  We hung out, listened to music, played video games, shot pool and overall had a good time.  Unfortunately, the drama kicked in at the end of the night.  The driver wasn't really in a condition to drive and the host didn't really seem to care which to me is very uncool.  So with complete disregard to the safety of his guest he shut the door on him despite his requests to stay inside.  Cruising around late at night after partying is usually a bad idea regardless but even more so in Poway.  We literally went one block before a police car arrived.  The driver was spooked and rightfully so because the moment he decided to park and call it quits the boys in blue rolled right up.  I am just thankful he wasn't actually behind the wheel when they showed up because it could have been a lot worse.  You always have to be careful in the small towns because lets face it the police there really have nothing better to do.  I had been warned ahead of time that Poway was a place that was notorious for cops harassing people, but certain comments never really sink in until you experience them for yourself and based on my experience it's all true.  All I like to do is have fun in life but you can be sure I won't be going back there to do it because in a nutshell that place sucks.  I really yearn for the day when all places can be progressive but let's face it there will always be small towns like this one that will inevitably be stuck in the past.  Race will always be a factor and it seems like they are almost proud of the fact that they can use that to strip a person of the their rights.  That fact was proven last night. I really try not cause trouble, as a matter of fact it is my goal to fly under the radar as much as possible but for some reason I just can't make that happen lately.  Here I am sitting on the curb with two other individuals.  Out of the three of us of course I am the only one in handcuffs.  On top of that being given the third degree.  I have absolutely nothing to do with the event except being a passenger and I feel like I barely escaped because immediately the entire focus shifted to me.  Luckily, I managed to avoid another trip in the back of a police car but there is no denying it. this definitely a sign..



  1. milhouse3/19/2012

    you left out the best part of when i ran away

  2. haha.. no kidding. I should have ran with you.


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