Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

  My family and I have a rocky relationship at best.  I'll be the first to admit that my entire family is dysfunctional.  After years and years of putting up with family crap I decided to branch out on my own and make the cut on the whole idea of family completely.  However, now that Father's Day has arrived I decided cave in and give Pops a call.  Although I am purely content with not speaking with any of them ever again,  I know that I can sacrifice at least one day out of forever to say "Happy Father's Day".  I even went out of my way to produce a Father's Day gift.  I wasn't wild about this idea at all, but I knew it was something that would bring him a tremendous amount of joy.  Out of my own volition..I went church.

I won't beat around the bush, I am a heathen.  I have never been able to attach myself to any religious affiliation and I doubt I ever will.  I really don't care to even set foot in the building because I have no desire to be converted into some bible-thumping religious freak.  However, I know the opposite to be true for my father.  His faith runs deep, and even though I might not share all of his views, I have to respect his level of commitment to the cause.

    The venue I had chosen for my father's gift was random. It was through a friend who a mentioned it to me at a whim.  Like an instant compulsory reflex, my immediate response was "no way".  However, after a moment of deliberation I decided that I could bite the bullet this one time for Father's Day.  So I ride with my buddy to a place called Shadow Mountain.  I had never heard of it before, sounded like another cult to me but why not give it a shot.

   This church is HUGE.  Definitely the largest I had ever seen but that's not saying a lot because I haven't been in many churches.  It also had a ginormous following.  A flood of cars swarming in to find parking with a crowd of people filing in struggling to be on time.  Inside there was a huge auditorium with big lights and moving cameras as if you were at some sort of show which for the most part is exactly what it turned out to be.  This place has all of the bells and whistles of a rock concert.  As the choir sang everyone was treated to close-ups on huge screens as members and musicians sang and played various instruments.  Let me tell you they were really selling it here.  I got a small kick out of it because I had never been exposed to anything this extravagant by way of religious services, there is definitely no lack of showmanship in this entourage.  
   Once the singing part was over with I woke just in time for some preaching.  The Pastor actually wasn't to bad.  I guess every pastor is deep in their own way.  On Skid Row people tend to preach about overcoming certain addictions and just overall surviving the perils of life which speaks out to me a little more I guess.  Upscale churches like these are not quite on that level, but I guess you just have to preach about what you know. Still he had some interesting things to say, the subject being Father's Day of course. I was pretty impressed by his approach to preaching.  It was less of a boring lecture than what I expected it to be.  He would tell jokes and stories with jokes in them to amuse the crowd, then once the laughter subsided he would infuse the moment with a bit of profound help you dwell on the insight of his words.

   When I told my father that I had went to church he practically lept out of his bed.  He said I was a complicated person who always found new ways to surprise him.  I know that I am the black sheep in the family, I have already accepted that fact.  I wish I could have been the person that my family wanted me to be but it just didn't quite work out that way.  Maybe I will see them again, however I seriously doubt it.  Regardless, I still wish them the best.  I feel like it's time for us to go our separate ways.  Besides, someday this will all be a distant memory and they will all move on without me, and in the end that is probably the best way for it to be.

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