Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OB Revisited

  What can I say it was cool to see my beach bum friends again I kinda missed them.  Even though it had been a while since I saw them when we got together again it was like we had not missed a beat.  There were a couple missing from the group though,  I had known one of them to be a traveler like myself and the word was he had found a new adventure in San Francisco.  I wasn't too surprised because we had talked traveling there together last time. I remembering him saying that he tries not to spend more than a month in any location and with that I agree.  After re-acquainting with the old crew I made my way back to my favorite spot..the cliffs.   It's just a great place for me to reflect especially when I have a lot on in my head and lately the load on my mind has been almost too heavy too bear.  So many decisions to make that often cloud my judgment, sometimes I just need to step back and wipe the slate clean and for me this is the place to do it. 
    In addition I wanted to take some shots of some pictures that I missed last time.  Name, the engravings in the rocks on the ground by the cliffs.  It still fascinates me how they have accomplished these.  It must take true dedication and a really fancy knife or something to be able to pull something like that off but I guess it's worth because now they a immortalized in the granite of one of the coolest beach locations in San Diego..

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