Saturday, July 16, 2011

Art Walk

    I almost missed out on this one and apparently I have been doing that for quite some time.  Every 2nd Thursday of the month Downtown L.A. hosts a very impressive Art Walk that has become a public-art phenomenon and with good reason. 

   I had just arrived in L.A. so my main focus was finding a place to stay.  After striking out heavily on all options I fell back to what I considered to be my last resort.  Unfortunately, that didn't work out either because the person in charge was in a very bad mood so that option blew to smithereens.   This can be an unfortunate side-effect sometimes when you have to make plans up as you go.  Things don't always
Streets were packed
turn out the way you want.  Disheartened,  I made my way back to the heart of downtown..  Since my final option had failed that basically  meant I was on the streets.  So I decided to roam, I wasn't really sure what direction I was heading in but I had to keep moving.  After a while, I began to notice that the streets of downtown were way more crowded than usual.  I wasn't quite sure what was going on but I figured I might as well check it out, besides at that point I really had nothing to lose.  After a while I located the source.  A densely populated area surrounding an art gallery.  Admission was free (always
Sidewalk Art
 a good thing) and the people flooding the streets flowed for blocks.  The restaurants even stayed open a little later to cater to the masses.  It's pretty cool when you meet people interested in art, it's a nice vibe and people are generally there to have a good time and explore.  Some artists even used the sidewalk to display their art.  There was a female DJ posted in front of the gallery spinning a wide variety of music which included some very good good that the group of people directly around her did not hesitate to allocate that portion of the sidewalk to use as a dance floor.    
One of my favorites

    After I had my fill of the outside experience I proceeded indoors.  The interior design was everything you would expect from an art exhibition, very stylish and cool.  There were two levels involved.  The first level was very traditional. It was dedicated to the art lovers that desire a more serene atmosphere while viewing their favorite pieces.  There were some very good works of art here ranging from uber-realistic paintings to funny comic-style to trippy-surrealistic..which is the kind that interests me the most and I found a couple of them that I really liked.  

   Once I was finished with the first floor I moved up to the second floor which was in stark contrast to the gallery below.  It was more contemporary, stocked with flashy lights thumping music, and artists developing their pieces in live-action before the audience.   The type of art displayed was not limited at all, there were plenty of different genres and they were all pretty damn amazing.  A few of them were screened live on
2nd-floor exhibition
large flat panel TV's during the creation process.  In one corner there was a guy giving a girl a large, almost sleeve-like tattoo of another woman so brilliantly done that I felt it was necessary to grab a card.  I've been looking to start a sleeve, but as an artist myself I'm very selective. This guy definitely had skills, though. The main area when you
Artist in action
first enter had the traditional brush-to-canvas style artwork being done and neither of the artists lacked any talent.  Right behind them center-stage and my personal favorite were the body artists.  To me, this was probably the coolest exhibition in the entire show, and not just because the ladies performing it were sexy as hell, but 
Body Artist
because there was definitely true art involved in what they were doing. You've got to show admiration for the level of patience and discipline it takes for a human canvas to a  remain a stable display for that long.  Also on the 2nd-floor were steps that led to a higher level tier where you could look down at the entire show all at once to view, take pictures, etc.  For those seeking to further enhance the experience there was a bar that covered the entire wall, stocked with just about every drink you can imagine.

   It's funny, had I not run out of options and become stranded, I would not have wandered into this at all.  On top of that my strange luck kicks in even further, a buddy of mine notices me while zooming past in a car.  I had left the Art Walk for a bit to buy a couple of bootleg cigarettes off the street when all of sudden I hear someone yelling my name. It was cool to see him again, the guy is definitely a hustler.  He hooked me up with an alternate living arrangement.  It wasn't the most ideal but it was better than what I was heading for which was nothing.  Supposedly, it was his intention to go to the Art Walk as well, but he ended up disappearing with some chick so I had to leave without him.  I tried hanging out and waiting for a bit but given the situation I knew he wasn't gonna be back on time so I had to take off.  I couldn't get back into the gallery because they were beginning to close.  I had wasted too much time and it was starting to get late. So I just mingled a little bit out front, got hammered, and made some new friends.  Me and my crazy world.

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