Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bus Stories

 Border Patrol Intervenes

  Well the time has come for a trip to L.A. to take care of some business and regroup a little so I can plot my next move.  Before I could even get a chance to step foot in the city the drama kicks in already.  The day I chose to catch the greyhound to come to L.A. was the same day Border Patrol decided to set up a checkpoint stopping all the buses, and on mine they hooked a live one.

    It almost reminded me of a movie I saw recently called A Day Without A Mexican (nice comedy it's worth checking out). The checkpoint was set up about halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles.  It seemed as though something suspicious was going on from the very start because the entire greyhound bus schedule was completely out of sync.  Also, I overheard the guards saying something about the cause being something going on at the border.  It could be that it was a routine checkpoint or maybe they were looking for some people, if so they must want them pretty bad.  All of the buses had an at least 1 hour delay.  I had to wait in the station a long 3 hrs before I could even get on mine.  The bus that was supposed to come at my time slot was filled up with passengers delayed by previous schedules.  On the bright side, the bus I finally boarded was pretty much empty so I had a nice little section to myself..just the way I like it.   So I lean back my chair full tilt, use as much of the chair beside me to get a nice little spread going, and then hit the internal snooze button.  Just as I was about to enter the land of dreams and make believe I am yanked away as the bus abruptly pulls over in the middle of the highway and comes to a stop.  Shortly afterward cops in brown uniforms climb aboard announcing  their status as Border Patrol.  Any other color uniform and my stomach would be tied in knots but as far as Border Patrol I'm not too worried about it.  However, I guess if you're Mexican you've got plenty to worry about because they hooked a live one right on the front row.  The girl might have been fine if she had less attitude and more of her story together but she failed.  The questions they were asking weren't real brain teasers either.  "What country were you born in?"  (the only one they had to ask me for obvious reasons). To which her answer was "L.A." which point they had to inform her that L.A. is a city not a country.  After that the questions got deeper.  "Do you have paperwork?", "Where does the Last name on your ID come from?", "Can you tell me the exact name on your ID".  She didn't have a proper answer to any of the questions so she made it pretty obvious by her actions alone that the California ID in her possession was a fake (not hard to do in L.A. you can get them on the damn street corner).  Maybe she was just nervous but it was pretty clear that she was just caught.  Seriously, If you are going to go through the trouble of trying to blend into another country illegally at least have your story straight.  The other officer quickly interviewed the rest of the passengers.  It seemed pretty routine to me, he didn't seem hard pressed to capture anyone in particular. Afterward, they escorted her outside the bus to ask more questions. Right before stepping off she asks "Am I going to get my bus fare back?"  That should be the least of your worries darling why would you even say something like that?  She might as well have said.."Can you go ahead and take me back to Mexico now?"  You could hear an altercation brewing outside as she continued to give them a hard time.  I had seen this before, she had the same effect on the guard that scanned her at the greyhound station.  I admit, being scanned for everything these days gets kind of annoying but causing drama is not going to win you any favors. Finally, one of the officers told the driver to go on ahead she is going to get on the next bus, but trust me that ain't gonna happen.  If she does get on a bus I'm pretty sure it's not going to be to L.A.   Anyway, in my honest opinion she pretty much shot her own foot off.  A completely different attitude coupled with a stronger grasp of the facts and they probably wouldn't have given her a second look.  Don't think that I have anything against Mexicans. Hell, I think brown people are cool, but if you know you are not supposed to be here in the U.S...and you least have your sh!t together.  When the bus finally got moving again there was more traffic, an accident that caused more traffic, and then more traffic again turning a 2-hour trip into 6+ hours..Welcome to L.A.

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