Monday, July 18, 2011

Downtown Stage

  Every Saturday throughout the rest of the Summer Pershing Square is hosting a series of  free concerts called Downtown Stage.  Whether you are passing through or coming to see your favorite artist, it's a cool place to take a break and see a live performance.  This past Saturday, the main attraction was an 80's rock band known as Flock of Seagulls.

  To be honest I had never heard of them, but that wasn't really a factor.  Personally, enjoy the opportunity to catch any concert especially if it's free.  I also try to be as open-minded as possible toward different genres.  I have to admit it this one took a little bit of getting used to at first.  It wasn't until I began learning more about them
Jamming out on stage
that I gained a little more appreciation.  As I interviewed different people I gathered more info and became a little more aware of their status in the music industry.  Apparently, they were a big hit in the 80's. and have several hit singles.  Toward the end of the show, there seemed to be a song that I remembered in a movie or something but I just couldn't quite pin it down.  Anyway, when that song was played it definitely created a spark, and you could tell it was the one song that everyone was waiting for.  That's how one-hit wonder bands have to do it. They try to sprinkle in as much of their new stuff as possible, but it all comes down to that one song to were they still can to ride the wave of success. There seemed to be a pretty decent gathering for the event, though.  At the end of the day, It's still a park so there wasn't any alcohol involved therefore the party wouldn't be able to reach full PAHTAY.  Still,  I think in general everyone had a pretty good time.  The main gripe was the time frame.  The event was supposed to be from 8pm-11pm.  I showed up fashionably late around 9pm and the party still had not begun.  On top of that they
Drummer for the band
ended early at about 10pm so it seems to me that the fans really only got about a solid hour of total performance. I think maybe there was supposed to be another band to preceding
Lead Guitarist
the headliner and they didn't show up or something but hey I guess you get what you pay for.  So since I was already there killing time, I went ahead and took the opportunity to approach a couple of the band members after the performance to engage in a quick photo session with some of the fans. I helped take a few pictures while the band soaked in some groupie love and then I took a few of my own.  They were pretty cool guys.  The only one that didn't come down was the guy with the weird hair but they were all kinda busy breaking down the equipment. Still, it's nice that some of them took the time to hang out a bit.  The guitarist even threw up a little b-boy pose at my request.  Although the performance was cut short a bit, I'd say all-in-all it wasn't a bad turnout. 

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