Monday, July 4, 2011


   Whoa talk about one hell of night. It was pretty cool though except for the part where I ended up in jail (again)..
     I had kinda fallen out with the normal crew that I was hanging out with. Like I said in an earlier post sometimes I wish I could slice myself into several pieces and be everywhere at once but I can't. So they express their disappointment and ban me from their location which kinda sucks but there's not much I can do about that now. This is probably like the third time I have been kicked out into the streets in the middle of the night by people that claim to care about me but that's ok I am starting to get used to it by now. Besides, I am a survivor and nothing will keep me from doing what I have to do or living my life. It keeps coming back to part of the Nomad Code. The idea of wearing out your welcome is very real. You should always do your best to be a guest. Making sure you pop in and out when necessary to make your cameo. The reason is that as a guest you will always be treated better. When you stop being a guest people will begin showing less respect and start getting it in their heads that it's time to start telling you what to do with your life. That's when it's time to evacuate. A mistake I definitely made with this last scenario where I hung around entirely too long and found myself becoming entangled in the all too much drama that they already have there. My attempts to remain invisible from the chaos failed and now that bridge is completely burnt down. Anyway, anyone that can turn their back on you so easily is probably not your friend in the first place, and that is something I would rather find out sooner rather than later.

  So after feeling somewhat abandoned I decide to call another one of my homies. Very cool guy I met New Year's and I hadn't seen him in a while. I go over there and we just kick it, chopping it up about all different subjects like going to shows and visiting different places like the beach and Seaworld and such. Seaworld is definitely on my list places to visit but at $80 bucks a head I am in no rush to be first in line to purchase tickets. A few New Castles later and some puffs of the magic dragon and we're feeling pretty good. Then all of sudden he produces this tiny pill that he hands to me and exclaims that this baby is going to rock my world. It was kinda hard to believe that such a tiny little thing can pack the punch that he describes so I pop two of them nonchalantly and expect maybe a slight enhancement of my buzz. The name of the pill was called "Rocha". The effect that he said it would have was NOT an exaggeration because the only thing I can remember after taking it was maybe taking one more sip of the Newcastle and then waking up SPRAWLED out in the middle of the street. I had no clue what had happened. It was difficult for me to focus because their were several flashlights beaming into my face while I was on the ground and of course after seeing a few shiny badges I immediately recognized that it was the police (here we go again). Dammit I just can't escape these guys here in San Diego. Whatever it was that I had eaten it must have been some kind of date rape drug or something because one thing is for sure is that I was FUBAR (F*CKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNION). I could barely stand up. Bright flashing lights surrounded me so I new I was the star of the show tonight. I have to give it to these cops they were pretty polite. After helping me up they asked me if there was someone I could call to pick me up but I didn't have my cell phone so it was time for a nice little ride in the back seat of the car to my old home in downtown with a special suite reserved just for me. I shared the ride with another guy who never seemed to take off his shades and prided himself on witty banter.  He really started to bug out though. I gave him a few soothing words, basically stating that it'll be okay and the belligerence he was beginning to display would not help his cause at all in this situation. I guess I had a pretty decent effect because he began to calm down a bit and kept thanking me saying how such a cool guy I was, an act he repeated for most of the night as we shared a cell together. Luckily, this time they pinned the purple bracelet on me instead of the blue one which means they were just going to hold me there until I finished sobering up, probably  until the morning and then I would be released. During which I would of course have to listen to the nonstop chatter of the other drunkies while trying to make myself comfortable on the trademark cold steel bench.

   So here it is the next morning and I just got out. I went to my friends house to retrieve some items I left behind (namely my cell phone and cap). Turns out that my actions definitely didn't go unnoticed. I surmise that I somehow tried to walk home but didn't make it far at because no farther than five feet from the driveway was where the cops had found my collapsed body. Apparently, the neighbors had phoned it in saying I was acting weird hugging a pole or something but all of that totally escapes me.

  I had never blacked out on anything before and now I feel like those guys in that movie Hangover where all of a sudden they wake up one night and there is all kind of f*cked up sh!t that happened and they have no idea how they got there. This is definitely one for the books.

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