Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inpedendence Day

  Well I didn't get to see any fireworks this year but I still had a pretty decent time. I guess I was looking for a little bit more.  Kicking back with a couple of brews with some friends on a lawn or something in a park right beneath a display of giant sparks in the sky but that didn't quite happen this year..

   Since I had no idea where to go for the fireworks, I just gave up on the idea completely and defaulted to the local bar.  It wasn't too bad, I got to meet some interesting people.  I guess you might say I have somewhat of a unique personality because I find that people tend to gravitate toward me.  I think a lot of it has to do with the sound of my voice as well.  There is practically nowhere that I can go without at least one person saying DAMN as soon as they hear me speak.  Even the cops in jail cannot resist the opportunity to make comments while they are in the process of booking me! Sometimes I wonder if its a gift or a curse.  It's ok to get the attention but I can also tell it sometimes invokes trepidation.  I dunno its a weird situation. Anyway, I ended up partying the night away dancing and playing pool which I got my butt kicked in. Then the party moved to a couple of houses where we played cards.  That was something I looked forward to because I rarely find the opportunity to sit down at a table with people that know how to play. At the first apartment we started off with Texas Hold 'em.  They wanted to play for money but I wasn't really down for that because they didn't have any chips so it wouldn't have worked well at all.  Not to mention that some of them were still learning how to play.  So we just went all-in every hand with our imaginary chips to see who was the luckiest.  The guy that lived there started to get a little upset though because he kept losing and the other guy kept bragging about winning using his favorite phrase "all I do is win" quoting the popular hip-hop song.  After a while things got a little weird, the lady that lived there started bugging out about some ex-boyfriend or something so we decided to split.  I think she might have been a little bit crazy.  On top of that I hear that she smashed into her roommates car on the way from the bar so I bet that scenario didn't turn out well at all.

     So we took the party to another place where we partied a little more.  The group narrowed down to a guy from Pacific Beach and two chicks that were just out of control. but pretty fun.  They let me crash on the couch as I started to pass out.  When we woke, the wild bunch decided to keep the party going and go back to the bar.  It was only 1:00pm but all they kept saying was "It's 5:00 somewhere" and off we went.  We danced to our favorite tunes on the jukebox and this time played guys vs. girls in pool.  Unfortunately, the guys didn't win because the one girl was pretty damn good.  After being at the bar practically ALL day because they really didn't want to leave we went back to the apartment to play some spades.  Now this is my game.  We played guys vs. girls again and this time men rule.  Of course, the girls were still out of control doing their trademark "titty shots" where they randomly flashed their boobs.  Hey, I'm just a guest who am I to tell them what to do in their own home.  As the party began to wind down I took that opportunity to go ahead and say goodbye so they could have their sexy party.  Who knows maybe I'll see them again. The guy from Pacific Beach invited me to party there sometime, so I think I might have to add that to my list of places to visit because I am always ready for the beach.

  For some strange reason I can actually say that I do miss my former group.  They were not without quirks but they were decent people.  Especially the old man, never a dull moment with that guy. However, now that I am "exiled" for wanting to live my life its back to being the Lone Ranger.  I should be used to this by now so I don't know where this weird feeling of loneliness is coming from but it needs to get away from me soon because I don't have time for this crap.  I guess it's my punishment for letting myself get too attached in the first place. It's a strange feeling when life throws you curve balls, it almost feels like I being sucker punched.  I was really beginning to let myself get used to the idea that I could make a home for myself here but once again reality had to give me a stiff kick in the nuts to make me snap out of it. I have to stop being stubborn and get it through my thick skull that there is no such thing as "home" for a drifter.  Everything that I predicted would happen if I broke my rules of always keeping my distance came to past flawlessly so here I am back to square one contemplating my next move.  I have to go to L.A. soon on business.  Maybe a change of venue will help me forget about all this crap.  I may or may not find my way back when I am done I don't know it almost seems pointless. Being here just reminds me of all the stupid mistakes I've made so it seems like I might as well just move on.

  So once again I hits the streets alone.  A rogue on a never ending search for whatever life has in store.  I have no clue what's going to happen or where I am going to end up but I guess that's just how it's the way of the nomad.

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