Friday, July 8, 2011

Now or Never

    I have really reached a point in my life where I can honestly say sh!t is hitting the fan.  I've got to come up with a quick plan for success or sink and drown in my own failure.  Currently, I'm thinking either Costa Rica, Brasil, Canada, or if  I stay in the US maybe somewhere in the Midwest where I might still be clear.  Alaska might be an option, too,. I hear those fisherman make big bucks.  I could do that for a couple months and then disappear to a remote island and live like a king.  Or I guess I stay in L.A. and blend in with the masses if I decide to stay close to my friends but they need to get on the "Let's Make It Happen" Bandwagon quick because I am really putting myself under the gun here.  It almost seems like the concept of constant pressure eludes them sometimes but I guess not everyone can walk in the shoes, and to be honest I don't want them to.  I wonder if my sanity is slipping away..or I am just getting to a point where I just don't give a f*ck..all I know is it's time to make something happen. One thing I can say for not giving a sh!t is at least I'm over all that loneliness bull crap.  It's time to get back to business and right now there are only two things that are important..making money and escaping the law (lol).  I tell you what they'll never catch me again.  Who knows maybe along the way I can scoop up another rogue and we can roll together like Bonnie and Clyde going out in a blaze of glory but until then I'll just have to be Bond and ride alone. I probably shouldn't even be writing all this in a damn blog.  Next thing you know I'll be posting my deepest darkest secrets but you know what I don't give a damn because this is MY story and at this point I've got nothing to lose. Besides, I doubt anybody is on here anyways and if you are and don't like it then stop reading my diary and go find a blog about somebody's friggin' cat or something.

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