Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Street Drama

  Doesn't seem like a whole lot has changed in my absence.  As quickly as I step foot on the scene a new episode of Street Life goes into action.
   It starts out with a buddy of mine stepping in fresh outta jail.  I leave for two days and people are already getting arrested.  He can't wait to fire up his little grill so he can wash the taste of jail food out of his mouth with a nice juicy steak.  I can definitely relate to that. Then as usual a fight breaks out.  When it's over, the loser tries to rush the guy that beat him from behind while he's not looking.  A buddy of the guy with his back turned stops the guy cold with a swift right hook that lays him out flat and splits his eye wide open..blood gushing everywhere.  Apparently he is the troublemaker in the group and eventually had it coming to him.  I don't think the guy really wanted to slice him open, but he didn't want to just stand there and do nothing while his friend gets jumped from behind which is not cool.   Then here comes another guy with his own battle wound.  His hand slightly mangled by a nasty little dog bite.  I asked him if it was a pit bull (dog of preference in the hood).  Come to find out is was a damn chihuahua.   That must have been a feisty little bastard because he got a nice little chunk out of him.  Naturally, the commotion goes on all night so I'm operating on zero sleep as usual.  Just another day on the block.

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