Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunset at the Pier

Naturally, I was bound to treat myself to a sunset at the Santa Monica pier and it turned out to be very relaxing.  As the sun lowers you are treated to the soothing guitar tunes of the entertainers on deck.  Across the horizon you can see the shadowy outline of the hills as the evening breaks into dusk.  Helicopters patrol close overhead periodically, and the seagulls are not afraid to fly right in front of you as you lean against the rails on the edge of the pier.  The carnival portion nice to enjoy, but for me nothing beats a good sunset.  The key point in any location has got to be the part when day transitions into night.  The sheer beauty of it can be the highlight of any occasion.  It definitely brings out the romance as you are most likely to find lovestruck tourists holding hands and embracing each other under the orange glow of the falling sun as it slowly buries itself behind the distant mountains across the sea..


  1. I like sunset too. 
    The beauty of the sunset always gives me the refreshing feeling

  2. I don't think I am ever more at peace than when I am sitting in front of a beautifully painted sky.


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