Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Night Out in Pasadena

  Well maybe not so much a "Night Out" but Day Out.  Still it was nice to get my little taste of suburbia and see what it's like to hang out with normal people for a change.

   Night out is a nationally coordinated event designed to help raise awareness about crime-prevention, drugs, neighborhood watches, etc.  It's a nice little get-together in the suburbs of different locations where police officers hang out with local members of the community to have a night of fun while teaching how to watch for the bad boys.   True, it was no block party, but is was still a refreshing change of pace nonetheless.  There were lots of little activities for the kids to participate in including different little
Some face-painting action
homemade carnival games where the kids could win prizes.  They also gave out prizes to the adults for answering different trivia questions.  There was even a little raffle toward the end, but after a while they gave up on trying to find the people with the exact numbers so they ended up just giving a prize to anyone with a ticket.   It's not quite what I'm used to these days but it was still nice to see the little
No shish kabob for me??
suburbanites enjoying themselves, completely oblivious to the struggles and hardships of the grimy world we really live in.  Pretending to be one of them for the day gave me the opportunity to live my suburban lifestyle vicariously through their event, which is probably the closest I'm ever going to get.   They advertised free food but it turned out to be in the form of bags of chips and water.  I did notice some shish kabobs on the grill but it turns out those were being grilled exclusively for the officers.   Still, it wasn't too bad, like I said a nice little refreshing change of pace.  I don't know that I would go out of my way to make a trip here or even pass through except maybe for the Rose Bowl but other than that I really see no point unless you are looking for a place to retire.  Then perhaps, this is a good place to start looking because you might have found a home

   Feels like it's been a long time since I have been settled in such a quiet area, so it did almost feel kind of weird being around people that are so damn happy for no reason at all.  Still, I like to do things like this just to remind myself that I am still human and that there is still a life out there besides street life.

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