Monday, August 1, 2011

Police Retaliate

  Just another night on the block of drinking and people acting wild like they normally do.  These guys are out of control but for the most part decent people.  Of course, I am always just waiting for the moment when some drama is going to kick in because it happens like clockwork every night.  This time it happened while I went to take a leak in the alley.  Normally, the protocol when you see a police car is to yell "one time!" or "front door!" to alert everyone to pause all illegal activities until the black-and-white passes by.  They slipped up, though.  Nobody was paying attention because they were too busy acting crazy and this time I got caught with my pants down (literally).   

   I noticed the cops pass by while I was in mid-stream.  Sometimes they like to come down the wrong way of this one-way street just to catch people off guard and that's exactly what they did.  When they saw me in alley they backed up to interrogate me.  Maybe they thought I was doing crack or something but really that night I think they were just going around harassing everyone on a whim.  Toward the end of the month is what they call "vice week". They have to reach their quota so they really go out of the their way to bring in as many collars as they can.  They asked me a few questions like my name and such so they could run me in the computer.  Of course, I gave them a fake.  I was born AT night not LAST night, no way they were gonna catch me that easily.  She asked me a few more generic questions and of course like every single person I meet had something to say about my voice (I mean seriously is it that damn deep, not even cops can resist the urge to make a comment?)  I must say for a police officer she was pretty frigin' hot, probably the finest cop I've encountered to date.  Anyway, I complied and answered her stupid little questions.just so she could move on.  That's what they do sometimes, they just want to bug you in effort to make you slip up.  It's a simple trap, but people fall for it every time.   Once they were done with me they moved on down the line.  They know that everyone around there is participating in some sort of unlawful act, but they are not really going to go out of their way to shake you down unless really prompted to do so.  One of the guys even had a warrant.   Even when they told him, he still kept mouthing off so I asked him to be cool because I noticed she was getting irritated and I didn't want to see him go to jail.  He calmed down a bit and finally she let him slide and moved on to the next person.  He played the game and didn't cause any static, smart man especially for someone that just got out of jail.  The guy after that was an old man that they didn't even bother to converse with because he is already a well-known drunkard and celebrity behind bars.  Unfortunately, when they reached the end of the line the last guy chose to be a zealot.  They asked him his name and he refused to answer. He refused to answer any of her simple questions stating his 5th amendment right to remain silent, which I agree he does have but what he fails to realize is that you have to choose your battles wisely because there is a time and a place for everything.  All he was really trying to do was be some sort of rebel without a cause and it was completely unnecessary.   On top of that he replied with smart-a$$ comments that only served to escalate the situation.  You will find this type of behavior a lot in people that are in the clear as far as warrants and probation or parole.   He finished his time, and now that they have nothing on him he feels like he is above the law and can do whatever the hell he wants with no consideration of the people around him.  I can't count how often I encounter this.  No matter what, it just seems impossible to teach people the meaning of the words LOW PROFILE and it really gets frustrating.  I always say that the most law-abiding citizens are the ones that have really broken the law and are the most likely to do time if caught. They drive the speed limit, they don't even really like jaywalking.  Nobody else really gives a damn.  Needless to say, his actions really pi$$ed her off.  She had nothing on him ,which they both already knew, so she found a different way to retaliate. She arrested his friend (the guy with the warrants).  She wasn't going to do that before.  Even with the warrants she was just going to drive on by and let him go just as long as everyone was being cool, but there always has to be that one person or "that guy" to cause an upset.  Whatever you do in life, try not to be "\that guy".  They usually hold the characteristics of a human being that are generally unsavory.

  That's why deep down I know I have to be solo.  Too many people make too many factors which create too many ways to get caught up.  I do my best, but I know I can't keep track of it all forever, and eventually someone else will be the cause of me going down (even if inadvertently).  I know people want to exercise the fact that they have nothing to worry about, but unfortunately I don't have that luxury and I wish people would respect that.  I've already experienced it recently in San Diego.  That event really sticks out in my mind as probably the worst example of character I have ever seen in a human being, a complete and total disregard of the safety and well-being of others and the weight of it all fell completely on me because I'm always trying to help.  Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach every time so all I can do is just try to banish the thought completely and hope that I never see that person ever again in my life..or in a more layman's term..dead to me. 

   I know it's already happened before, and I can't afford to let it happen again.  Even going down once is one time too many.  Don't get me wrong, I'll keep my true friends forever because they are the ones that know and understand me and treat me the same no matter what. Besides, this is the digital age, there are way too many ways to keep in touch. However, the fact is my life is already damaged beyond repair. I wish I had the option to live life carefree the way they do but I don't. So I ride alone.

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