Thursday, September 29, 2011

Enter The Drum Circle

  Well, I made an interesting little discovery while at the beach.  Every now and then (more-so on the weekends with the largest gathering on Sundays) a group of congo-thumping percussionists get together on the sand.  It starts off small, and then as the day progresses it grows larger and larger.  It continues to escalate until it reaches peak capacity,  manifesting itself into what has become renowned in Venice Beach as the Drum Circle.

  The drum circle is a must-see experience. It's not a scheduled show or really even a planned event.  It's just a bunch of people that get together and do it because they like to jam.  It's also a great place to just let loose and dance whatever little dance you enjoy fabricating to the rhythm of drum beats.  Me personally, I like to prime a nice little buzz into my system and then pass off my drunken little two-step as some sort of tribal boogie.  It's all good vibes in the drum circle.  Even those in the rhythmless nation can jump in without inhibition or fear of judgement because ultimately everyone is just there to have a good time and groove to the music.  It almost resembles some sort of hedonistic ritual with everyone indulging themselves in the sinful pleasure of free expression through movement.  Unfortunately, the good times do have have an expiration date,
Big brother is watching
more specifically right when the sun goes down.  As darkness begins to fall, the police cars start to gather and the moment the sun if snuffed out by the horizon the flashing lights immediately flare up and the sirens blare.  You might even see a helicopter shine down on you from above for added coverage.  At which point, the crowd is dispersed and escorted away from the area.  It's ok, though.  It's still a good time and the circle shall rise again.

Drum Circle Photo Gallery

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  1. This is really interesting I have herd about drum circles like this but I didn't know it is something people actually do on a spontaneous basis. I guess I will have to keep my ears and eyes open for things like this from now on. lol


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