Monday, September 19, 2011

Shelby Car Show

  For those that don't know Carroll Shelby is pretty much a legend in the automotive industry.  He is the creator of what is recognized as probably one of the greatest muscle cars of all time.  Overall, I'm really not that big a fan of domestic rides.  I've owned several and they were all pieces of crap so I may be a bit jaded.  However, this is one performance vehicle that is definitely on my list of dream cars to have parked in my garage someday. The Ford Shelby, more specifically the AC Cobra.  It's a great combination of power and style and really stands out to me as one of the best.

  I was already excited even before I stepped foot onto the pier.  I couldn't wait to see what shiny new toys were being brought for show-and-tell, so I made a beeline right to the crowd of fancy cars.  It was packed with people as I imagined it would be.  A great many of them wielding high-tech cameras boasting long zooms and new-age equipment, and here I am with my dated little camera phone with barely any memory for storage, running 2 megapixels at best.  It is what it is I guess, until I am re-united with my camera I have to roll with what I got.  Anyway,  even though my tiny little piece-o-crap camera was being dwarfed by a load of professional shooters and hi-tech smartphones, it didn't stop me from diving right in and assuming the trademark paparazzi pose.  It was a true delight to be in the presence of so many fine vehicles.  As I moved down a little further I could hear a narration of the affair amped through the air in the background.  A crowd of people gathered around a guest
Guest speakers
speaker as he told his story of racing Shelby cars back in the day and what it was like to work for the man himself.  He didn't get tired of telling the stories at all either, he went on and on like Grandpa Simpson barely pausing to take breath in between sentences, but it was still a treat to listen to. As the exhibition came to a close, the announcer raffled out various prizes like die-cast models, autographed memorabilia, and a $200 gift certificate that kinda made me wish I was able to show up a little earlier, but I guess you can't always be on time when you create your plans on-the-fly.  Still, it was nice to see a bunch of really cool cars to take pictures of and drool over.

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