Friday, September 23, 2011

Third Street Promenade

  This would be one of those rare occasions that you would actually catch me shopping.  First off, I don't have time for it, and second I just don't like buying things.  However, this was one of those scenarios where I saw somebody wearing something that I had been searching for a really long time and said to myself "I just gotta have it." So I approached the guy and asked him where he got it.  His response..Third Street Promenade.

As soon as he said it purchased it from the 3rd st. Promenade the first thing that immediatelyjumped into my head was $$$,  The promenade is a tourist shopping center very much catered toward\upscale citizens. It is the host for many high-end retail stores like Bloomingdales, Louis Vuitton, etc.. you can look but I don't think you are gonna find a Target or a JC Penny.  This particular item I was looking for was a cuff bracelet.  I've been searching for one that appeals to me for quite some time, they I have that cool rugged look that I like but when it comes to certain things like choosing the right accessory I'm very selective and I haven't come across one that I just had to put my hands on until now.  It was supposed to be located in a store called A|X (Armani Exchange) and had a price tag of a whopping $30 just for a piece of leather to
I Likes
wrap around your wrist.  Why someone would be wearing a bracelet with such a hefty price tag in a homeless shelter is beyond me.  Kind of leads me to believe that his priorities might be slightly mixed up.  Oh well, to each his own.  Anyway, it's the exact colour and style I've been looking for so the hunt is on (It's my birthday in a couple weeks so I'll just call it a present from me to me). As expected, when I arrived I stepped right into Yuppieville.  If you've got lots of money to burn this is your place.  I've never been overly concerned with impressing anybody so a great many of the shops did not grab my attention at all.  Besides, I really have no desire to pay double for something I can get at half price in an outlet store.  I guess in this case, people do it for the experience and maybe a little bit of bragging rights to say I blew x amount of dollars at wherever..look how rich I am.  I don't have time for all of that. I always shop with a direct goal in mind and then I'm in-and-out like The Flash.  Eventually, I located the shop but the item was not in stock.  I'm not even sure if they carry it, so the mission kinda turned out to be a bust.  It was still cool to window shop for a bit, though, and this item is definitely on the list.

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