Monday, September 26, 2011

Touring Venice Beach

  Venice is probably the most colorful of all the beaches.  It's culture is loaded with an eccentric blend of just about everything you can think of.  Hippies, skaters, bodybuilders, musicians, weirdos, artisans, street performers, they all play their part in making Venice a fun place to be entertained, see cool stuff, and just all-around have a good time. 

Kid's got skills!
  In one section there is a little skater park where future board stars can practice their moves in front of a small crowd of onlookers standing behind the rails.  They were all pretty good but there was one kid that really stole the show.  He had to have been maybe 6 years old and he was out-shining everyone, catapulting each ramp into ridiculous levels of air while his dad took photographs of him in flight.  Definitely a future star in the making.  In another area, you will find the basketball courts where anyone can grab a quick pick-up game and dazzle the
"Muscle Beach"
spectators with a few moves on the blacktop for a little bit of fun and exercise. Right Beside that, you will find an outdoor gym called Muscle Beach.  I believe it is open to the general public at $10 a visit, but really it is a hotspot for herculean athletes to flex their guns in front of tourists while they gawk in awe and take pictures.  So if you have puny muscles my advice would be to save your money and the
Sand Artist
embarrassment and just take photos.  Connecting it all is a boardwalk/speedway to walk/ride a bike the entire way  It is lined with many shops and booths offering a wide variety of items.  They have artwork, music, head shops, weed dispensaries, food, bike rentals, all sorts of trinkets and clothing, etc..  I even saw a beach bum with a small setup trying to sell hobo signs!  My
Gratuitous booty shot
personal favorites are the entertainers.  I like seeing street performers come up with new and interesting ways to amuse the crowd and then extract the funds for their efforts.  You can always tell the more popular acts by the crowd they draw and the level of laughter and cheering they generate when offered a captivating spectacle.  Anyone that is on a quest to find a new and interesting experience will certainly find it here.  These nutcases are always coming up with something new and different.  One thing is for sure, never a dull moment.

Venice Beach Photo Gallery

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