Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Twilight Dance Series

  The Twilight Dance Series is a string of concerts at the Santa Monica Pier which showcases a differentgenre of music every week.  This particular one that I attended was dedicated to Latin music, and the hot and spicy moves of the Tango.

   I like Latin music and pretty much all of the dances that go with them, especially something as spicy and sensual as the tango.  It has it's own special flair and is really fun to watch.  The moves are very statuesque and fluid with a an almost ballet style appeal yet without emasculating the male role.  I hear that there were even lessons beforehand so that couples could show off what they learned during the band's performance.  By the time I arrived the action had already begun.  The musicians were firing out a saucy mix that really had the crowd moving.  Directly in front of the stage, there was a matted floor designed to be the dance section
Some crowd participation
where tango enthusiasts could practice their moves as the blanket of stars slowly unveiled themselves into the night sky. Moved by the rhythm of the beats, and an unquenchable urge to always want to try something new, I found myself wanting to stick a rose between teeth and slide across the dance floor myself, but as the well-known proverb goes.. it
Couple dancing on stage
takes two to tango.  As an added treat, there would be a couple of professionals dressed in all white that would appear on stage with the band every now and then to show everyone how it's done.  They really had it going on up there.  I was surprised at how graceful they could perform with so little room to work with, just having a small portion of the stage chiseled away for them while sharing the rest of the stage with the ensemble.  It looks like I have been bitten by the bug now thanks to this experience.  I just might have to put tango lessons on the to-do list.

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