Friday, October 7, 2011

Bucket List


    With all of the buzz going around about Steve Jobs, it's kinda hard not to contemplate your own mortality these days.  After an interesting discussion with some friends, I really began to think about some concrete things that I wanted to do in life.  I've always thought about what I've wanted to accomplish but never really put pen to paper.  Maybe it's about that time.  Life is short, and like they say, no time like the present.  So here we go:

1.  Be In A Movie
A decent-sized resume from my glory days as a part-time actor.  I even did some scenes in my underwear (and NO it wasn't a PORNO!)

2.  Travel The U.S.
Double-check on that one..'nuff said

3.  Cruise The Autobahn At Top Speed

4.  Go to Brazil
Capoeira, beautiful women, largest carnival in the world, plus I just really wanna go!

5. Learn Tai-Chi
A beautiful art with a very attractive serenity about it.

6. Speak fluently in another language
At this point I would  have to go with Spanish.  Let's face it, in L.A. English might as well be the second language.

7. Master Chess
A game that is a true test of skill and logic with many parallels to life itself.

8.  Go Sky Diving

9.  <empty slot>

10.  Achieve Inner Peace
A lofty goal, but something I long for nonetheless.

 I really want this to be a Top 10 list but as you can see I'm short one item.  If you have any ideas please let me know!  I'm really interested to know what your dreams are.


  1. Hey! I don't know how you found my blog but thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I've always thought my entries are boring and don't even know if I actually make sense. I just write what I feel.

    Maybe you can fill number 9 with finding the reason to believe in love again and find that one right person for you. :)

  2. Bigfatrayofsun11/11/2011

    just saw this 'bucket list'.....i want to cruise the Autobahn a really fast warp to drive fast!!!

  3. Nitro!2/09/2012

    I agree ~ Great idea for #9! ;)

  4. Nitro!2/09/2012

    Hey NM: I'll post mine eventually ... still working on it since I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up & THAT could take awhile! lol!

  5. Haa.. I guess i'll take that as a "Don't Hold Your breath" :)

  6. Nah ~ James Bond.. I ride alone.

  7. Hm... possibilities for no.9 just keep on occurring to me!
    Sail the world on a yacht...
    Write a book...
    Live on a paradise island
    Visit either pole (or both! As a girlfriend of mine once said, 'you can never get too much pole'.)
    Learn to Scuba Dive - become a Divemaster or instructor!
    Fly Virgin Galactic... okay, that's still a little pricey.
    Work (and/or bum around for) a ski-season
    And let's not mention the word 'threesome'... oops. My bad.

  8. I love it. Especially write book. Maybe someday you can give me some tips so I can learn from a renown master ;)

  9. Hey dude!  Ever go back and look at your list?  Are you able to cross anymore off your list?  Cruising the Autobahn is easy!  Just go there and hitchhike certain stretches of it and eventually you'll get that crazy driver (the hard part is getting the Germany, right?).

    Your trip to Brazil is easier than going to Germany and will make you fluent in Spanish on your if you hitchhike there.  Then, when you get there, your understanding of Portuguese will be heightened.  You only have 2 or 3 natural obstacles between the USA and Brazil: the Darien gap between Panama and Colombia, possibly the Amazon, and possibly the Andes.  Bring a chess board with you while you travel!


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