Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cruising To Malibu

 There is a long road that stretches across the coastline called the Pacific Coast Highway. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the sunset glistening over the rippling waters of the ocean as you cruise your way to Malibu.  At any point along the way there are pit stops you can make to take a breather and park so that you can stick your feet in the sand and relax.  Maybe even do a little surfing if you have a board strapped or just take a nice little stroll or jog and soak in the atmosphere.  As you travel deeper into Malibu you begin to approach magnificent homes perched high in the hills.  A great many stars and celebrities choose Malibu as their place of residence, no doubt for the sheer beauty.  It's easy to see why this place would be a home to the rich and famous.

  Malibu is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to trek.  The more I journey the more I wonder what it would be like to actually live here.  Having a house on top the hills must be a great experience. It has to be a magnanimous feeling having the rest of the world beneath you, especially when all you have to do is take one or two steps and have the entire ocean view available to you right at the convenience of your back porch.  A popular location is a place called Zuma Beach.  It is where the popular 90's series Baywatch supposedly took place.  A fairly noticeable feature about waves on this beach are the riptides.  You can actually see them pulling in as the waves manifest.  In fact, I believe this is actually a home base where lifeguards do their training on them due to the frequency of their occurrence.  I also noticed an interesting little lagoon that settles right in the middle of the sand and is home to the local wildlife.  It's pretty cool to watch the birds play in it while I am soaking my feet in the ocean. My only gripe I would say is that I personally found it a little difficult to walk barefoot because of all of the tiny little shell particles but other than that it's a great experience.

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