Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nomad

  Well it looks like The Nomad has managed to survive one more year. I don't know how. I really wasn't expecting to make it this long but since I am still here I might as well make the best of it.  I was going to make this the best damn hobo birthday ever.  What better place for a drifter to celebrate his birthday than EVERYWHERE! I had it all planned out. Hit all of the beaches, see all of my friends, do everything..

Well, that was the plan anyways, but unfortunately you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.

  I put the plan into motion the night before.  I had to make sure I got my pre-buzz rolling so that I was already in gear the moment midnight struck.  I make full certain that there is not a wasted minute when my birthday rolls around.  From 12am to 12am it is going to be an action-packed non-stop plenty-of-time-for-rest-in-the-grave 24-hours that runs on pure adrenaline at high-on-life octane.  So, I pitched my little tent and threw a hellraiser block-party for some buddies of mine on Skid Row. These are some really cool people. I call them the "Wild Bunch".  I know that if sh!t hits the fan then they've got my back.  It's kind of a tradition of mine (especially on my B-Day) to splurge on my friends.  For me, one of the things that brings me the greatest joy in life is doing things for other people.  Especially random stuff to brings good times.  I really like to see people happy.  So there was music, lots of food, booze (can't forget that one) and we partied all night long and had a blast, and the best part was for once nobody went to jail!  Partying until daybreak, I passed out for about an hour or two and then woke up on the sidewalk in true hobo fashion.  You know it must have been a good party when people are still tore up the next day so needless to say it was a success.  I made sure everyone had breakfast then I rolled out to put the rest of the Nomad plan in action.  I shook off the buzz with a ginormous breakfast burrito and a nice warm shower.  Put on my birthday gear with my favorite colors so I am fresh and clean for my B-Day.  Then, I set out to hit ALL of the beaches.  Man, it was great.  I was looking good, feeling good, I had pep in my step, the sun was shining.  Nothing can stop me now it's on baby.  Then..


..hitting way below the belt with a blow so merciless that it felt surreal.  I literally almost pinched myself to see if it was a dream but being trapped in a nightmare would have been a far better alternative and I just wasn't that lucky.  In an instant, my entire day was completely shot to hell and of all days it had to be this one.  It was right on cue, though. Anytime, there is a glimmer of extra hope I can expect the dark clouds to roll in and extinguish it right away.  So, I don't know why I was so surprised. I have kinda come to expect this sort of thing but I just really wanted life to give me a break for a day and punish me some more tomorrow.  Even though I was forced to abandon all of my projects, the one thing I refused to sacrifice was my trip to Malibu.  So I grit my teeth and tried to repair the situation as fast as I could so I could make that happen.  I just couldn't believe it, dark forces were really working against me.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.  Right down to a group of protestors flooding the street at the very moment I get to the bus stop, completely blocking off the bus routes..  That wasn't going to stop me, even if I had to travel 3 hours in traffic just to see my friends for 20 mins it would still be worth it.. and it was.   For some reason, no matter what hell I have been through it completely washes away when I'm around them.  They even brought me some cool gifts that blew me away and I really wasn't expecting anything at all. I even had a little Nomad cake!  It was compact (people that know me know how important that one is), the icing looked like an ocean and I love the beach.  It was even equipped with a little surf board and palm tree for added flair, and the best part was it was CHOCOLATE.  There were a couple of people missing that I really wanted to see so I was kinda bummed that I couldn't show up earlier.

  When it's all said and done, I guess the best part of my birthday was being able to turn complete and utter tragedy into a little bit of triumph.  That and really bringing into focus the power of true friendship.  Anything that can bring you out of the dumps so easily and by presence alone is a force to be reckoned with.  It's a cruel world filled with plenty of suffering, but I can honestly say that I have people in my life that help make the pain a little more bearable.  For that I am truly thankful.  Happy B-Day to Me.


  1. Hello Monsieur EJ– Happy Birthday (though one day tardy)! Sounds like you had a beautiful day, despite the setbacks. I made you a little cake, though it is not as lovely as that ocean one, which looked delicious. Maybe if I see you again, I can give it to you, and if I don't, I suppose I can eat it with my sister and Mama Nicki in your honor...Anyhow, regarding that old riddle, the answer is a dream. Dreams are glorious I think, if one doesn't have a dream, life can be a bit dreary and pointless sometimes, at least for me....Well, I hope you have many more times at the ocean and that the world treats you kind.
    oh, I meant to put this rant under rants where it belongs, but as my technological skills are not exactly great in this area, I had to settle for sticking it here..

  2. A what a great riddle..I love it, and Thank You!


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