Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life At The Beach

  Life at the beach is pretty cool.  The people are really chill and laid back and most are not afraid to speak and lend a helping hand.  As far as the weather. there is nothing like feeling that cool sea breeze touch your skin on a hot sunny day.  Plus, it is usually about 10 degrees cooler at  the beach so it's a nice place to retreat when the heat in the city becomes blistering. The only drawback I would say is that regardless of how hot it is during the day it is absolutely freezing at night.  Especially if you plan on camping out on the sand near the waves.  You really have to bundle up to combat the cold winds.  Sometimes, to help a little, I fit myself into a man-size hole dug into the sand so my body can duck underneath the winds but it only helps out a little.   Other than that life's a breeze.  Also, I have met some really cool people. that really make the coast a joy to experience.  Unfortunately, as the cold winter months begin to settle in I know that hanging out at the beach will become a less appealing option so I am trying to soak it in and enjoy it while I can.

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