Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Socializing At The Dive Bar

  I decided to give myself a break, especially since it was a holiday weekend and I couldn't accomplish anything anyway because everything was closed. On that subject, what is all the hype about Columbus Day?  Everyone knows that the Native Americans were here first, all he did was make a wrong turn.  So in essence, it's more of a Happy "We Stole Your Country" Day.  Kinda messed up when you think about it.  Anyway,  I am always GO GO GO in rush to move from one location to the next that I almost feel like I'm burning myself out a little so I decided to slow down a bit and take a little break at a dive bar.

   Sometimes, I like hanging out in the hole-in-the-wall spots. They tend to have more "real" people in them not the cardboard cutouts you meet at the clubs. After a very thorough inspection of my property (I'm surprised they didn't attempt a cavity search) I was allowed access. This place in particular is one of my favorites, though, mainly because it has free Wi-Fi with an open network for downloads. I just buy a beer as a cover so I can whip out my tiny little netbook and begin pirating.  It also has a small patio outside where I can sit down with a cigarette and my beer and scribble my memoirs in my little nomad notebook like a broke Ernest Hemingway.  Lately, I've been making an effort to create a facebook page. I know everyone is doing it and I figure maybe I should try and make an effort to be a little more socially engaged on the internet. I've been running into some issues, though. Every time I try to make one it keeps telling me I can't proceed any further without a phone number at which point I promptly enter "OH HELL NO". I don't like giving my phone number out to random people why the hell would I want to give it to a random website. Coincidentally, the internet was down in the bar that day so I was unable to connect anyway. Instead I used it as opportunity to go ahead and connect with people the old fashion way. It doesn't take much for me to approach people so I dived right in. It wasn't long before a nice little huddle was formed where we discussed all kinds of topics on a wide range of subjects. There is a common rule of thumb among bar denizens..the two topics that you generally want to avoid are religion and politics. Everything else is open season. We talked sports.. (die hard raiders fan Just Win, Baby!)..Halloween.. I've been trying to discover what cool thing I want to do for Halloween, there was mention of something called Dia de los muertos (Day of The Dead). It's a ceremony/festival honoring the dead that takes place in an actual cemetery. Sounds pretty creepy to me but I've never seen one before so I guess I'm just going to have to do it.  However, The bar rule went out the window the moment I encountered a Jehovah Witness.  It doesn't really matter to me, though, I let him talk his game and even entertained a few of his ideas.  It seems to me that their approach to religion is even more convoluted than the standard Christian variety with whom they apparently have some sort of feud with.  I left the conversation even more confused than when I entered it but I still like to give people a chance.  A quest for knowledge is no good if you can't bring yourself to explore all options (except Muslim I don't think I'm gonna go there, it's plainly obvious that those people are just nuts).  As people get to know me, a common question they will want to ask is what I do for a living.  At which point I generally respond with "I do what I want.." which is basically a euphemism for "I made some really big mistakes in life and now I'm a hobo..".  If further explanation is required I don't mind telling them that I'm a wanderer, it is what it is. I don't steal, panhandle, or even borrow money so I don't owe anybody anything. I just live my life and do so freely.  A lot of people are even curious about it, wondering how I can live a life without stability.  It's not that difficult for me.  Instability is something you get used to while growing up in a family that is entirely dysfunctional (huge understatement) so that part really doesn't affect me too much. 

   In the end, I'm kind of glad the internet was down. I probably would have found myself stuck in the corner somewhere sucked into my new facecrack account trying to build some kind of farm or something instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing in a social setting..socialize.  I realized that being socially engaged doesn't necessarily have to be through a website.  Sometimes, it's cool to do it the old fashion way.  You never know, that random person you meet in real life could be your cool new friend for real life.

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