Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunset On The Bluff

  In the heart of Malibu is a community formed atop a long cliff called Point Dume. There are a great many mansions posted here and at the pinnacle is an estate park that has a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.  A prominent feature in this park is a tall hill that marks the very peak of the ridge. It's a nice little hike to the top but it's worth it. It towers in a perfect location and is a great place to watch the sun fall from an elevated perspective. While at the top you have a pretty clear view of the entire coastline. To the left are the houses of the rich and famous perched along the edge, and to the right is Zuma Beach. While up there I found a small rickety stairway leading down the cliffs and toward the rocky waterfront below. I was feeling adventurous so I did a little bit of downward scaling to find out what was beneath. When I reached the bottom, I was pleasantly treated to a nice little secluded cove where I could sit down and reflect in solitude as I watched the waves crash into the rocks. I think the next time I attempt this, though, I will try to wear some shoes that are a little more hike-worthy as some of the areas below require some light mountaineering and there are some spots where you could actually plummet to a somewhat untimely demise. Of course, being exploratory by nature, that didn't stop me from digging my heels into the dirt and discovering all of the little nooks and crannies that the shore below had to offer. It turned out to be a great expedition as well as a nice little workout to boot.

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