Monday, November 7, 2011

Opening The Bible

 One of the gifts that I received for my Birthday from my buddies at SOS is a more tailored version of the Bible called The Message. It's basically like a "Bible For Dummies" version of the original which is very thoughtful because they recognize the fact that I really don't have a clue. I figure, now that I have to lug this thing around with me everywhere, I might as well use it for something other than dead weight in my backpack, so I decided to go ahead and crack it open. Besides, as a wise friend so eloquently put it to me one day.."Don't knock it 'till you've tried it." Initially, I started out looking for something in particular, but I really have no idea what order these scriptures are in.. if any.. (definitely not alphabetical) so I decided to roll the dice and let the pages fly. The book chose to open itself to a guy named Luke. Apparently, he was the misfit of the bunch because he was gentle. I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean exactly but I can certainly relate to being different. It seems he was against the idea of clubs (political, cultural, formal) that excluded people and suggested that his club was better because everybody had a shot at becoming a member. After reading some of the passages, I began to wonder if this was supposed to be some sort of an invitation that was being delivered to me to come and join their club. It's a tempting offer, just because they seem so happy, but I wandered off the road to redemption a long time ago. Besides, part of me is still skeptical that I am being reeled into some sort of cult because it really feels like some kind of strong voodoo that keeps me coming back for more. So there we have it, a Nomad's very first attempt at the bible. I was hoping for some sort of revelation or flash amount of wisdom but I guess Rome wasn't built in a day. I have a very strong suspicion, though, that instead of being a guide to answers, it is only going to help generate more questions. I don't want to crowd my precious travel blog with too much bible jargon so I guess I'll just work on a separate blog to cover that particular journey. Also,  I'm not going to try and kid myself and attempt to read such a loaded book cover-to-cover on a subject that I have only a passing interest in.  Instead, I will take a more realistic approach and ask people what their favorite parts are so I can touch on the highlights. Well, that's my sermon for the day. I guess if anybody ever asks how I got started reading this book, it began with a small group in Malibu that for whatever reason refused to give up on a lost soul.


  1. This is a great blog! I've always admired the nomad way of life and all the curiosities it offers.

  2. Haha...awesome! How exciting...welcome to the start of YOUR most awe inspiring journey to date!

    I can the most AMAZING ride of your life(and seriously?) My life has always been incredibly interesting too so I'm not saying that lightly...

    p.s I love how you describe "like voodoo that keeps you coming back for more"...that is also what they call the "hunger and thirst" that you get for God...obviously the tiny seed has been planted, stay firm and He will ensure the harvest :)

    btw don't forget all humans are sinners, there is nothing you have done that cannot be redeemed cos of my favourite person to walk the earth ever, Jesus :D

    p.p.s I had no idea there was a "contemporary" version...maybe I would have picked one up and opened it earlier if I knew there was an easier to read version, lol. btw when I was a newbie that is how I operated too...I would just open at "random"...I would find especially early on that I would open to surprisingly fitting speak to me parts...but in general the new testament is great for newbies...JOHN was probably my early favourite but I also like JAMES, MARK...actually it's all good!!! There is a reason why it is the biggest BEST SELLER book through the ages the world over!! Anyway enough spiel will future graffiti in the other blog...God Bless! :)

  3. p.s I prefer the term "drug" to voodoo though. You know you're blessed when people wonder "what you are on", lol

  4. don't give up on it!

  5. so i stumbled on your blog from jamie's website...

    i'm impressed you're giving it a shot! coming from a christian background, i've found myself more aggravated at christians themselves than the book, although the book does have some weird parts. a lot of people don't give it a chance bc of previous bad experiences with its representatives, so big points to you for being open minded.

    i have to say my favorite would be ecclesiastes. it's a pretty short read, and if you read it slowly and just let it sink in, verse by verse, there is some gold in there.

  6. I like the Psalms ... but I'm a girl and what girl doesn't like heartfelt poetry :)

  7. Good for you! Not many people would even bother to open it but throw it away. I would say supernatural, not voodoo. :)

    I like the Psalms, Matthew, and Revelation.

  8. I also like Pslams. One of the most beautiful, deep and heartfelt books in the Bible. It's a good place to start :)

  9. Bigfatrayofsun11/11/2011

    Hey just read your 'wanton soul' post also, very cool. good luck with everything...Thanks to Jamie for sharing YOU with this blog :)

  10. The Gospel of John is my favorite, and I also think Romans is very important. And Psalms is the most relatable and personal of all I think.

  11. Anonymous11/11/2011

    Are you for real? There's something fishy about this blog.

  12. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I will be including them in my journey through the bible.

    @Anonymous I wish you could meet my friends at SOS. I figure, anything that can mold such a wonderful group of people can't be all that bad. So, I might as well give it a shot. I've already hit rock bottom..

    What have I got to lose.

  13. Thank you for coming by the Sacred Misfit!

    Jamie over at theveryworstmissionary has a funny but helpful take on the Bible for newcomers:

    Because the Bible is kinda weird, and it needs context, and it was written from within a people that Western culture cannot identify have to go hang out with Aghanis or Sunnis someone embroiled in the caste system to understand what the heck is going on.

    But still - there is a lot of good, encouraging truth in there. And a lot of weirdness. Just warning you.


    Keep us apprised of what you discover!

  14. @Sarah lol thanks for the info Sarah. I kinda know about that link already though because the person she is talking about is me ;)

  15. Savor EVERY moment, don't rush Jamie a marinade..let it permeate your mind and soul.

    "All I can offer is the truth Neo...its up to you from there"...enjoy the's what you were created for!

  16. @MadeinGina lol great comment! I love The Matrix reference.


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