Friday, November 4, 2011

Paranormal Activities

 Yesterday, I was strolling along the beach trying to catch a late afternoon sunset.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to because the overcast was a little too heavy.  I did meet a very interesting person, though. It was on a crew lot that I encountered, the film location for a TV show called "Revenge". I like to chop-it-up with the security guards when I come across one of these. It has got be a really boring job that they have. All they do is stand around all day guarding a bunch of crap that nobody really cares about, and lots of times they have interesting stories and can't wait to tell them. This time I hooked a live one.

 Apparently, this person had a special gift..telepathy. He used it to communicate thoughts with his mother and still uses it even after her passing. I find people like this truly fascinating. I really wonder what is going in their minds as they are telling these stories because I know what is going on in mine..get help. There is a word for people that hear voices in their heads. It's called schizophrenia, and I think this guy may have been slipping on his medication. Then again, if he is happy, maintaining a decent job, and not really hurting anybody then who am I to try and disrupt his fantasy. He seems to be doing a lot better than I am so there is not much I can really say about it. He went on to talk about how he sometimes guards abandoned buildings that are "haunted" and how he has a "sixth sense" for these things. He even saw an apparition once, a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes that appeared and disappeared right before him. I'm already struggling with the concept of religion, so obviously ghosts and goulies are going to be an even tougher sell. I wonder if working in Tinseltown can somehow warp the mind. I'm sure being submersed in fiction on a daily basis can have an adverse effect on some people. According to him, there are plenty of "spirits" inhabiting Hollywood because of all of the unsolved murders, so I guess his sixth sense helps him detect them or something like that. The whole thing almost sounded like an episode from a bad TV show. I later brought the conversation to my bible study buddies just because it was so fascinating to me. I wonder if religion and paranormal activities are somehow connected. My theory on spirits and apparitions (if any): This big rock we are standing on..this IS hell. You do good, you get to leave and find a new place uptown. Not so good, you roam around in purgatory or limbo until some sort of redemption releases you. Why else would someone's spirit be lingering around after death when they could be hanging out with the cool people in the V.I.P. section upstairs. More conversation brought up the topic of entering a séance and using a ouija board to communicate with the afterlife. I've heard lots of stories about these types of events. Wild tales involving spelling things out, cutting the power, even throwing things and I always think to myself "Why doesn't cool stuff like that ever happen to me??" I am definitely going to have to attend one of these and witness this phenomenon first-hand. If there are spirits out there then I want to talk them. I've got lots of questions.. like don't they have better things to do than pull practical jokes on people that they know are afraid of them. Maybe I will even get lucky and meet a witch (a good one not a bad one). I seem to be in this exploring religion phase of my life, might as well just check them all out and throw witchcraft in there too while I'm at it. It seems to be a sort of religion and at this point I really have nothing to lose. In fact, they seem a bit proactive. Instead of waiting around for something good to happen, they'll just cast a spell and make it happen themselves. I could ask her to cast a spell of awesomeness on me, then my life would be so much better and all my problems would go away due to the fact that I would be awesome. I don't know why I didn't think of this before, I'm definitely going to have to check into that one. I'm not sure that the notion is strong enough to fill the No. 9 slot on my bucket list, but it is definitely going on the to do list. Awesomeness here I come.


  1. hey like you i was curious and have investigated and dabbled...steer clear is my advice...can only cause your luck to descend even more in the long run! However if you want to satisfy the fascination and can take the negative consequences go ahead...(not worth it unless your only wish is to develop "character" lol...thankfully, you are one person I don't think needs any more...a lot of the dull peeps i find around here probably could! lol)

    p.s i had the same kind of theory that people who didn't make it to heaven get reborn into this world or stuck in an inbetween...HELL like you said!

    p.p.s amazed you are doing bible study wow, even i have had the urge to attend one of those. but I do read on my own and have more mature in faith friends to exchange ideas...just wanted to point out there is a HUGE chasm between FAITH and RELIGION-wouldn't dump them in the same bucket at all! I'm not such a fan of the latter...I think you can understand why. But yes my eyes have been opened to THE Truth...and it's a *GREAT* yeah you might be jealous and want some too! LOL

    God Bless :)

    cheers mate ;)

  2. correction "have NEVER"

  3. Bible study is not so bad. I think I might have just gotten lucky and met some people that are open-minded. All of the others I have been to were pretty painful. Your concept of religion and faith is interesting. I appreciate your bringing up the distinction because it's all the same to me. Perhaps I will open this bible of yours and see what's in inside, since it comes so highly recommended. Why not, I'll try anything once (well almost anything). As far as your advice to steer clear of dabbling.. it is well noted, but it's like they say: No risk, No reward ;)


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