Friday, December 23, 2011

Downtown on Ice

Well, we might not be able to bring the snow but it looks like we can bring the ice. For all of the people in SoCal looking for a white Christmas, events like these are probably as close as you are going get. It's pretty cool, though. Everyone seems to be having a blast skating 'round and 'round in circles. I'm halfway tempted to go out there myself but I'm still not quite sure yet if I even know how. The only real memory I seem to have of skating on ice is that ice is really REALLY hard..especially when you land on it, and that can't be a good sign. So, I think I will continue to sit on the bench on this one which is not that bad since they provide a little entertainment on stage for the people on the sidelines. Every once in a while they will even have the kids go up there to perform which is probably my personal favorite. What can I say, I've got a small soft spot for the little buggers. Children see the world the way it was meant to be seen, as a place of wonder and magic. Everything is new to them, and all they really want to do is have is fun. The same goal that we all have, but as the years pass the weight of the world crushes our spirit, somehow smashing the dream along with it until all that is left is a mindless drone stuck in a routine of creating more routine. We might think that we are smarter than them, but in actuality kids are much smarter. They know how to do something we don't, enjoy life in it's truest form.. simplicity. If we hope to catch up to them then we really need to take it back to basics. Maybe even pick up a few old tricks along the way that have been long since forgotten.. like learning how to play.


  1. Tanja T12/24/2011

    Just an idea: Why not even try ice skating? It doesn't matter if you don't know how. That's just an obstacle created by your mind, your subconscious trying to protect you from a possible failure. Why to analyze things in advance, like we grown-ups tend to do? I do it most of the time too. Why not just jump to the unknown, live in the moment and just have a laugh? You know for those kids out there nothing is impossible and the sense of achieving the smallest things is the source of the purest joy. Their hearts are open for opportunities and their minds are not corrupted by the previous failures. 
    This is genuinely the most interesting blog I've come across on the internet in a long while. I hope all the best for you.

  2. You know what you are absolutely right, Tanya T. I've got nothing to lose so why not go for it. So what if I wipeout. I'll just scoop myself back up and keep on skating. If it turns out I suck that bad I will just casually incorporate the side rail into the bulk of my routine. I'm going ice-skating dammit.

  3. Tanja T12/27/2011

    Haha, now that sounds better, you just made my day! Although I might require some photo documentation as a proof of this event ...I dare you!

    You know the best things in life very often happen spontaneously. I just recently had my moment from the movie Amelie (where Amelie helps the blind man across the city) when I went out of my way to help an old man who was lost in the supermarket, a complete stranger I had never seen, and haven't seen since. I did all the shopping for him, picking and weighing the fruits, everything. I left the supermarket with a huge smile on my face. I don't know about America, but in where I come from that kind of random acts of kindness are very, very rare. But it's fun! And rewarding.

  4. Ha! You're on. One wipeout coming up :) That was a really nice thing to do, helping out the old man. The act of random kindness is probably becoming a lost art in any country. However, you certainly seem to be doing your part to revive it. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story.  I believe that you just made my day as well.

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