Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shore No More

Well, Mother Nature has certainly made her statement. The party is over at the beach. It's not too bad during the daytime but once the sun goes down forget about it. It's ok though, I still have some pretty good memories to cling on to as well as some great pictures of the sunset. I'm really glad I was able to squeeze those in, they really take the edge off some days and should help me get by for a while, at least until the winter breaks. It's time to move this operation back inwards to the inner city. Where the air is 10 degrees warmer and the hearts are 10 degrees colder, but the skyscrapers seem to provide a little more buffer against the harsh cold winds of the night.


  1. It's the longest night of the year.  I found myself praying for you in church this evening.  May you find peace.


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