Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Bottoms Up Aftermath Report

Got drunk off my a$$ New Year's Eve. Suffered a mild concussion that will definitely leave a mark. No clue why my neck is sore. Wandered the streets of Downtown L.A. completely hammered on a mission to collect 50+ random hi-fives and surpassed that goal tremendously. Recovered from a massive hangover. Reconnected with some really good old friends that have somehow managed to not forget me after all of this time, all on a decrepit dying cell phone that is approximately a decade old and very much on it's last leg. Got a visit from the sentiment fairy who dropped off some old photos that have touched me with quite a bit of nostalgia as I took a wonderful walk down memory lane. A few more rewards than regrets. A little bruised but no worse for wear. Plenty of gaps in memory. Overall, closed 2011 with success..

Bring it on 2012.


  1. Nitro!1/05/2012

    How could anyone forget you?!?! You're Unforgettable!!!
    Take care of that noggin of yours, we don't want you forgetting us, ya know. I don't generally recommend concussions; the aftermath (pun intended) is usually not worth the fun involved in their creation. (But the stories are so great!) I speak from experience. Ouch :/

    Oh yeah, I "second" that remark: "Bring it on 2012!"

  2. awww thanks Nitro! Uhm wait a minute, forget what? j/k :) I remember your concussion story. Now I feel your pain. If only I had ducked sooner :/ Oh, and great I don't know how you did it but your profile pic shows up now. I love it!  vvvvrrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!!

  3. Nitro!1/07/2012

    I don't know why it shows up now either ... it's been on there for months!
    Maybe the 2012 tech gods are smiling on us?  'bout time!!!  lol. ;)

  4. Gabriel Sousa1/10/2012

    I hope the new year continues to give you "a few more rewards than regrets". That's all any of us can really ask for. Cheers! 

  5. Just as long as I don't receive any more bumps on the head lol


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