Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chi of Shaolin

This group really deserves special recognition. They’re a transplant from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The show was entitled Chi of Shaolin: Tale of the Dragon in honour of the Year of the Dragon. Not only a magnificent display of juggling, martial arts, and acrobatics.. it really told a story. That of a wanton thief who makes a vain attempt to steal from one house too many. He might have been successful if he had not taken the time to gloat right after his victory. After a severe beatdown from the owner of the prize, he is found by a kind group of Shaolin monks in his broken state. They revive him, and through their love and teachings he refurbishes his soul and begins to understand the true meaning of honour and compassion.

I was truly captivated by this entire performance. This show had it all. Action, Drama, Romance. There was drum juggling, kickass fight scenes, but in the midst of it all I proceeded to witness something I will not soon forget..

The longest, most perfectly executed, one-armed hand balance I have ever seen in my life. An act of strength and dexterity that Luke Skywalker himself would have been in awe of. I would not have believed such a thing possible if I had not seen it with my own eyes. The force was definitely strong with this one.

And the design was perfect.

She was a chameleon, outfitted to blend in with the colours of the tree. During her very statuesque one-armed handstand atop of the tree she would shape and twist her body to mimic the branches.

Simply brilliant.

So how does the story end.. it is a glorious victory for mankind. The thief humbly returns the sack of jewels to its owner. At which point, the owner graciously accepts his offer and apology and welcomes him into his home. I have a strong feeling that they became friends.



  1. Wow! Epic! I need to move to LA...

  2. Yeah, it can be pretty sweet at times.

  3. Sandie2/28/2012

    Holy Cow - they are incredible. Especially the girl. How do you develop that kind of strength. Just beautiful.

  4. I love the way you describe the story behind the vision. The way you write you make the reader feel they are there and ( if you didn't have your beautiful photos ) I would still be able to see the scenes in my mind.
    I loved seeing the film footage too, the performers are so incredibly talented I have never seen anything like it. So thank you for sharing it. I can't believe how you hold your camera so still either.
    All the colours too, are just majestic in all your footage, just breathtaking

  5. No kidding.  And she did not flinch for a second. I can only imagine how much training goes into that.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful comment. I will not deny, it was really difficult to maintain a steady hand, especially when you are sandwiched into a crowd of people that keep bumping into you.  So thanks for noticing :) 

  7. Ash Nichols3/01/2012

    That is really awesome:)

  8. It was definitely a sight to behold. To be honest I don't think the videos really do it justice. You really have to be there.

  9. Dorianna (paintswithwords)3/06/2012

    Interesting and colorful read. You have a nice, conversational manner in your writing. ~ paintswithwords

  10. Thanks for the comment. I guess I just like to make it comfortable to read and easy to enjoy. 

  11. The tree balance woman was incredible. I have a history with trees...and strength...and the complicated process of finding grace in my body. It really moved me. Thanks.

  12. Thanks for stopping by, Liz. I practiced gymnastics for a while so this really hit home. I've never seen anything like it. You seem to be very in tune as well and can appreciate how truly magnificent a stunt this really is. I am sure that there are very few people in the world that can pull this off. 


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