Friday, February 3, 2012


I must say, I have a true affinity for Asian culture, simply put I quite adore it. There is something about the beauty and mystique of it all that truly captivates me. I can't help but have a deep appreciation for the overall general respect that is imbedded deep into their beliefs, not to mention the absolutely gorgeous Asian women. If I wasn't set to wander the U.S., I would most likely find my own private Shangri-la buried somewhere deep in the Orient.

Immediately upon entering Chinatown I was greeted with a bustle of activity and movement. For the most part, this was due to the huge festival being thrown in honor of the Chinese Lunar New Year. People gathering from all locations to enjoy and participate in Chinatown's wonderful array of activities and entertainment to celebrate the opening of the Chinese calendar. Chinatown is very rich in culture, and is widely known for it's great multitude of shops, markets and restaurants that bring a little taste of China to the states.  At the heart is the main plaza, wonderfully decorated with the brilliant architecture that makes their civilization so recognizably famous. I am definitely looking forward to seizing the opportunity to discover more about their ways, history and philosophy.  There is no doubt plenty of ground to cover, and I plan to explore it all.


  1. adowler2/03/2012

    Chinatown is great, but if your still in LA don't forget about Koreatown.

  2. danblackonleadership2/03/2012

    Sounds fun, hope to hear more about your experiences.

  3. I'll definitely keep that in mind :)


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