Monday, February 6, 2012

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

I've decided to take a quick commercial break from my journey to accept this award nominated to me by the lovely Sarah Elle Emm. I wanted to go ahead and do this mainly for three reasons.

1. Sarah Elle is so cool.
2. This pie looks mmm mmm delicious,
3. Duh, who doesn't like awards!

After reviewing the info on her site, these are the rules of acceptance..

So, Here goes nothing:

1. I'm ambidextrous
I use both hands for just about everything but often one or the other for different things. I mostly eat with my left,. I write with my right so the paper doesn't curl, but I sometimes draw with my left.. etc etc. I dunno I'm weird.

2. Before I became a drifter, I was destined to be a programmer.
Yep that's right, before I started breaking laws I was cracking code. I was a super genius. Now, I'm super dumb :) I wrote my first computer program when I was about 10 years old on one of the earliest personal computers.. The commodore 64 .. which back then was cutting edge technology (oh, how times have changed) and still holds the record for best selling PC of all time. It took me about a hundred lines of code just to make a friggin' ball bounce (and it wasn't even round). Me in a nutshell..extremely introverted, very quiet, never outdoors.. now I am the complete opposite. It's funny how life can pull a 180 on you. Nerd turned Rebel Without A Cause.. who knew.

3. My favorite cartoon was The Thundercats.
If you don't know who they are then yes you have been deprived. Only the most awesome cartoon ever made. Cheetara was one sexy feline, but even though she had all of that going for her she is still the runner-up, because everybody knows that Panthro was the man. The best of both worlds.. smart AND strong. Not only did he build the Thundercat Lair AND the Thunder Tank, but he had a cool pair of nunchucks and knew how to use them. Panthro kicks ass.  Thundercats! hooooOOOOOO!!

4.  Part of my childhood, I grew up in a junkyard..
..that also doubled as a pig farm which, if you can imagine, was quite renown throughout the neighborhood for it's harsh odors. To say I grew up poor is an understatement. Quite a humbling experience living crowded in a small camper surrounded by loads of worthless crap. Believe it or not you learn a lot on a junkyard. These were the days of high adventure. Very interesting times to say the least.

5. I have a HUGE ponytail fetish.
I have no idea why but they turn me into putty. Yet, for some reason women don't like to wear them. They always say it makes them look too plain or something. That's too bad because I think they look great. Something about that whip action.. oh yeah..

6. For a brief period I was home-schooled.
Whether this made me smarter or stupider who knows. All I know is I got to show up to class in my jammies.

Hey now, I can't reveal all of my secrets. Gotta leave SOMETHIN' to the imagination. Besides, I can't really think of anything else that doesn't involve some sort of incriminating evidence so I think I will quit while I'm ahead. I mean jeez, seven whole facts, that's a lot. I feel like I just got off of the couch at the shrink's office or something. Anyway,..

O.T. is an incredibly gifted writer with a beautiful mind. She has a wonderful talent for deep thoughts and introspection and has always been a huge encouragement to me even through the bad times. No one could ask for a better blogger friend. Simply put, she has stolen my heart.

Adrian is a very motivational blogger and fellow Bucketeer. Not to mention all around cool guy. A cool place to drop in on from time to time for a little dose of inspiration and insight.

Katrina has a great blog cataloging her journey in one of the most difficult battles anyone can face.. the battle of The Self, which in my opinion she does quite elegantly. It takes guts to take a good long look in the mirror and decide you want to fight the demons that are holding you back in life. Her journey to achieve balance is a noteworthy cause. There is no doubt in my mind that she will win this bout with a TKO (Rocky Theme: da-daa-DAAAAAA)

I would like to once again thank Sarah Elle for this nomination, you can find her at her lovely blog..

When you get the chance, swing by their sites and if possible drop a comment. Bloggers LOVE comments. They are like tiny little morsels of joy that brighten the day..

..and last but certainly not least I would of course like to thank my fans.. all 10 of you :) You could have been on any blog in the world but instead you're here with me. I appreciate that.

mwah! I love you all! *kisses trophy* mwah! *waves*

Okay then.. back to my journey :)



  1. Katrina Jackson2/06/2012

    Thank you so much!!!! You well deserve this nomination and I thank you for thinking of me! And for the lovely things you said. :) I will get right on this tomorrow!!!!

  2. Lara Schiffbauer2/07/2012

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!  I returned the favor (obviously!) and totally enjoyed reading your seven facts and your nominations.  I'll have to swing by the blogs. :)

  3. Tony James Slater2/07/2012

    (I got the whole boxed et last Christmas  :0)
    Did you know, there were like 130 episodes??? It's like a 12 DVD boxed set... sigh!
    I always thought of myself as a Wilycat - perhaps that should have been one of my facts - but then, my lack of balance, lack of direction and general clumsy-assed-ness says otherwise...
    Great blog you got here! I must steal the idea of putting a bucket list at the side. Though I am sadly runing out of mine  :0(

  4. K. Syrah2/07/2012

    I totally support Adrian to this award! Great, great person!

  5. Definitely. Just an all around cool guy.

  6. Alright, that made my day somebody finally gave me a HO! (err..hmmm. that didn't quite come out right). Whoever gave you the box set gets the Unlimited Cool Points Award. Alas, I cannot afford to pay for such a wonderful collector's item, so I must sadly settle for pirating them off of the internet ;)

  7.  Heh, I still have the image of the ninja cat in my head. Now that was a serious can-o-WHOOPASS!

  8.  You totally deserve it too, dear. I really like your blog, and know that there is a lone drifter out there that supports you 100% :)

  9. Sarah Elle Emm2/08/2012

    I really do love your blog, and I love it that you are a code cracker.  Where the heck were you when I needed you last week?  I can hardly edit the template on my blog without almost deleting the entire thing!  This was a great post!  (as usual) :)

  10.  Thanks! Ah yes.. those pesky blog templates. They can truly be a royal pain in the buttocks. I've only got two words for you that will save you much anguish..


  11. Nitro!2/09/2012

    Congratulations Nowhere Man, & to ALL the Blogging recipients of this award! During such a busy awards season, it's good to see accolades going out to all those hard working people who pound the keyboards night & day. (With or without a bit of caffeinated "help" to get the job done!)
    & to Nowhere Man:
    These 7 facts are very enlightening!
    #1, 3, 4 & 6 ~ I had no clue!#2 ~ I actually knew#5 ~ I suspected as much … lol! #7 ~ Could possibly be related to #2 … or maybe Star Trek? Either way, Fine Job! Always leave your adoring fans wanting more!  … I can’t wait to see next year’s list … ;)  

  12. Love your handwriting. Wait, I'm writing in your font style! 

    Check my blog, but keep this in mind: I don't have any friends, and I have only three facts about myself. So don't anyone nominate me.

  13. Star Trek, I forgot all about that one.  I could have set up a poll..

    Who is the more awesome starship captain?
       (a) Cpt. Kirk
       (b) Cpt. Picard

    I'll bet it would be a close race, although I already know what my vote would be.

  14. Wow, how did you do that? What a wonderful talent, copying someone's handwriting.. Where were you when I needed to forge my parent's signature on those sick notes. :)

  15. Nitro!2/11/2012

    Yes! A Poll!
    But you've got to include ALL the captains!!!
    Pike, Kirk, Janeway, Archer .... oops! I've just exposed my uber nerdiness!

  16. haha.. wait a minute.. how could you leave out sisko!

  17. Nitro!2/13/2012

    OOPS! :/

  18. I am jealous of your ambidexterity...I just think about everything I could accomplish if I could do anything with BOTH my hands!

  19. Heh, it's really not that much different. There are very few things where I need to use both simultaneously. It's a Right Man's World ;)

  20. Now I need to apologize.  My sister came into town unexpectedly and threw off all my plans!  Then I decided to gut my downstairs.  ;)  Crazy life!  I'm so sorry!!  I will accept this and pass it on sometime this week.  Thanks again for the nomination, and for your support.  It means a lot!

  21. Heh, I had forgotten all about this. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, my dear. Believe me when I tell you I know how life can throw curveballs. I just wanted to let you know how cool you really are ;)


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