Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lunar New Year Festival

Oh the possibilities..
The entire neighborhood was participating in the celebration, but the bulk of it was centered at the main plaza. In the middle of it all, a grand stage bringing brilliant performances from some very talented professionals. I was blown away by the sheer feats of athleticism the performers brought. Like the Mongolian Contortionists and their bodies made of rubber. I really don't see how they can bend and twist themselves like that. They must have really good chiropractors. Then there was a little bit of Straw Hat Juggling, that was a new one for me. Some daredevil Hoop Diving which was a nice little piece of stunt work. The vocal artists were pretty talented as well bringing their own flair of rock and roll to the scene. The dancers were beautiful and elegant as they graced the stage with pure finesse. My personal favorite of course.. the live-action Kung Fu complete with swords, staffs, and mind-blowing acts of physical prowess. There was even a tiny
Now that's multitasking!
Lil Kung Fu Dude practicing his form in front of the audience, the youngest member of Chinatown's Jin Wu school of Kung Fu. Kids are so fun to watch, they're like little miniature people minus the ulterior motives. They are especially neat-o when sporting cool little Kung Fu suits while brandishing their deadly assault of stubby little kicks and punches. It was all a great show. I watched it twice and was in awe both times. I'm still amazed by what I saw and all for the low low price of FREE. It was definitely the most well put-together act I have seen in a long time. At the rear of the plaza, across the street and tucked away into a somewhat smaller plaza, the Chinese American History Museum had set up a large table where the kids could play with origami and other sorts of Arts and Crafts. And of course, there was the non-stop crackling of those small fire-cracker thingies, the kind you throw to the ground to make them pop. I have know idea what they are called but they were not in short supply at all. The entire surface of the ground was coated with confetti and party favors which gave the street cleaners quite a workout. Overall, it was a blast. I'm really still taking it all in. Marveling over and over in my mind at all of the acrobatic stunts that seem near impossible to achieve, but somehow they manage to do it, and with near flawless accuracy. I can only imagine how much training and repetition goes into mastering such breath-taking skills. Truly gifted to say the least.


  1. Excellent. Can't wait to see where you go next.


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