Friday, March 30, 2012

A Taste of China

I think it is important to treat yourself every once in a while. It never hurts to do something nice for yourself and then tell yourself that you deserve it. And the one thing that I knew that I was going to do was try some authentic Chinese food right here in Chinatown.

Of course, there are many great places to choose from when looking for food in Chinatown. As I walked down the strip I found myself overwhelmed with possibilities. I even found this place..

..although I am sure that they have a very fine selection, I wasn’t feeling very hungry for any Kok, so I decided to keep searching.

There was actually one thing that I really had my heart set on. Besides being the butt of many jokes, I heard that it was actually a very tasty dish.. Dim Sum. I didn’t know what it actually was but I’ve always wanted to try it, so I figured no time like the present.

I came across a place located in Bamboo Plaza called Empress Pavilion that is supposedly quite renown for its Dim Sum. I figured, if I’m going to do it then I might as well do it right. It turns out that Dim Sum is actually served as an appetizer which could not have made me happier. It was great news finding out that my chances of having to wash dishes had been significantly reduced.

Dim Sum containers served from a cart
Dim Sum is served in small steamer containers from a cart. You pick and choose the items you would like to experiment with based on wide assortment of the menu. As the Dim Sum lady wheeled closer and closer I eagerly rubbed my hands together in anticipation. I was so excited to be eating something other than apples and granola bars she could have brought me stewed cat and I would have devoured it (not really). The Dim Sum lady could not understand one single word I was saying at all, so I knew right away that I was in for an excellent Asian-style cuisine.

There are a great many brilliant and absolutely wonderful items that Asian culture has introduced to American society, but I will have to be brutally honest and say that chopsticks aren’t one of them. After successfully mangling my first set of dumplings, I artfully threw in the towel and requested a fork.. the most awesome invention ever.

I believe that I may have initially been a tad bit overzealous with the tiny innocent-looking dish of sauce that comes on the side. Not knowing how spicy it was actually going to be, there may have been some very slight choking while my nostrils flared in fury as I fought to restrain the well of tears that threatened to disgrace my honour. However, once I learned to be a little bit more conservative with the molten lava sauce, each juicy morsel melted in my mouth like a delightful delectable surprise.

I am very, very picky when it comes to eating Chinese food, especially anything involving some sort of sea creature. Let’s just say it all goes down well at first, but I usually end up paying for it later. I am happy to announce that I suffered no repercussions at all after this lovely dining experience.

For that alone Empress Pavilion gets the Nomad..


  1. Ahh, the wonderful adventure of good Dim Sum...

    I just had some last Sunday, but I kept the hot chili oil to a minimum.  

  2. Never again will I underestimate the true force that is Dim Sum sauce.

  3. Sandie3/30/2012

    I've never tried Dim Sum (never been brave enough) and I certainly couldn't handle the sauce. I have a very sissy mouth. Jim can handle a lot more heat than I can. But I sure did like visiting China Town in DC when we lived there.

  4. Haha "Wong Kok" is a famous district in Hong Kong famous for its shopping and well as acid attacks which have happened in the last few years :( it's not what you think it is!

  5. Acid attacks?? Jeez, that doesn't sound very nice at all.

  6. I recommend it. It was really good. Just don't get too happy with the sauce ;)

  7. I adore this story, it warms my heart so much. I love that you treated yourself to something you have wanted to do for such a long time.
    I've never tried Dim sum either and I'm not sure you can get a vegetarian one, did you see any I wonder ?
    I think you should do a treat, even if it's a small one, once a month at least.
    You do deserve it! :)
    Light and love to you always

  8. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that there were a few vegetarian dishes. Although I wasn't paying very much attention to those as I am a meatatarian.  Give it a try. I think you'll like it.


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