Monday, March 19, 2012

Wishing Well

I met an old lady at the wishing well. I love old people, they’re so cool. They always have such wonderful stories and do not hesitate to shoot from the hip when unleashing them. This works out just fine for me because I really do enjoy listening to people. She was telling me the story of her granddaughter (who just happens to be a fellow dragon) and how she was stuck in a dead-end job that just made her absolutely miserable. Every morning she would wake up at the crack of dawn only to be stuck in hours and hours of traffic, work all day, and then return late at night only to barely have enough time to just eat and sleep and repeat the entire process all over again the very next day. A never ending cycle that would seemingly never be broken.

This world we live in truly is a rat race. A mad society driven by the tick of the clock. One can very easily find themselves trapped into a mundane routine of repetitive monotony. Before you know it we are all contained, burning tremendous amounts of energy to go absolutely nowhere.. like a hamster in a wheel.

So, she encouraged her daughter to follow her dreams and travel the world, because it is very important to do what makes you happy. Now, there is not a page in her passport that hasn’t been filled. She has found that missing joy in her life that makes her happiness complete.

"Good Luck" has seen better days
It’s nice to meet people like this. There are so many dreamkillers out there that find it very easy to tell you what you can’t do, I cherish the people that actually tell you that you can.

As our conversation came to close she was ready to make a wish. The whole thing seems to be set up as some sort of carnival game. You aim for the wish that you would like to be granted and shoot at it with a coin. Her wish was for “Good Luck”. Poor thing, she had arthritis and was unable to toss very well so she asked if I could achieve it for her. There were certainly other wishes that were in closer proximity and much more easily attainable, but I have never been able to turn cute little old ladies down.

I did the best that I possibly could, even the rimmed the bucket a few times, but I just didn’t quite make it in. I did however make it into the little cave area that the small vase was stationed in, so perhaps she will gain partial credit. And whatever part of the wish that the well does not grant her, I will make up for with a few wishful thoughts of my own.


  1. adowler3/19/2012

    Such a good story, good luck to you as well.

  2. I dig old people, too.  I hope to be one.

  3. That's an epic wishing well. Such a good idea!

  4. What a great story!  And wonderful example of how following your dreams can help you achieve happiness. Old people are awesome.  :)

  5. I am an old person and I seek people such as you to talk with.... I love it when 'they' don't run from me... ;)

    Our stories are so important to us.... thanks for listening - some people run for the hills -

    I was sitting in a park fairly recently - Forest Park in St. Louis.. beautiful day ... a little girl bops by me ... she stops - comes over and says... I LOVE your earrings... HAhaaaa... just absolutely made my day!

  6. Above all else I value wisdom. It's amazing what you can learn when you take the time to just sit down and listen. 

  7. Old people rock. Never let anything get in the way of achieving your dreams. Especially yourself.

  8. Sometimes it's the little things that shine the brightest light on your day.

  9. I'm sure that you have many many years to come.

  10. Thanks, Bro. Good luck to you, too. And beware the french girls ;)

  11. You really do have a golden heart, your time with that lady and your persistence with trying to get her coin in for her will stay with her always. I love how you made her feel.
    There is a man that comes in to my pub, he's 92, he was a prisoner of war in WW1. I asked him about it one day. He loved that I showed interest and the next day he came back with his diary he kept when he was a POW. He wanted me to borrow it to read. It was a very long journal of extreme attrocities and saddness. I read it in one night and cried so much.
    He came back the next day and I sat with him and cried some more sharing my thoughts and feelings on what I had read.

    You are right old people are incredible and have the most to teach us.

    I think you are trully amazing

  12. THanks, but I'm nothing special.  That is a really great story about the war veteran. They rarely share those although at 92 I am sure he has managed to let go. I would consider that a very high honour.

  13. Clarissa Olson3/21/2012

    I'm also fairly nomadic and my favorite part of it all is the opportunity to interact with new people. This post reminds me not to shy away from new experiences or conversations because you never know what goodness will come of it. This is my first venture to your blog and I will be back!

  14. Thanks for the comment, Clarissa.  For me, meeting cool people along the is what makes the journey worth traveling. Sometimes, the smallest interaction can bring the greatest joy.


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