Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bus Stories

The Foul Stench of Death

Just another day riding on the bus, cruising at the normal capacity of well over the limit. When aboard climbs the most atrociously odious human being that I have ever encountered in my life. It was truly difficult to believe that this type of odor could be emanating from a living, breathing human being. He would of course locate the only remaining empty seat to the rear of bus where I like to enjoy my catnaps. No doubt, to the very seat right beside me where I could bear the full brunt of the blast. There are some smells that are just so bad that even when you pinch your nose, you still feel like you can taste it. I would estimate that the entire back of the bus was completely cleared out in no greater than 10 seconds flat. All save for one very stubborn passenger who refused to relinquish his seat, deciding that he was going to be the one person that would stand his ground (so to speak). A decision that I dearly paid for in nearly permanent damage to my olfactories. I know that life can be tough on the streets, and there are certain compromises that you have to make in order survive, but cleaning your body is something that you just have to find a way to accomplish. Especially in his case where I am certain that the last time he even made an attempt to do so was never. Absolute worse case scenario, there is always the Pacific Ocean. Ironically, the rancid smell granted him a whole new selection of seats to choose from, at which point he exercised the opportunity to take his pick of the litter. And not a moment too soon, because I was starting to feel a slight dizziness settling in as the atmosphere began to shift and rotate . I will never forget the blissful wave of euphoria that caressed me as that first clean breeze rescued my lungs. Never again will I put a low price on the precious commodity that is fresh air.


  1. What poetic imagery! I can taste the pungency from here! 

    And now I will be singing Weird Al's "Another one Rides the Bus" for the remainder of the day. Thank you.  

  2. This made me laugh. =)

  3. I would say that "you had to be there"".. but trust me it is a good thing that you weren't.

  4. They say that the sense of smell can trigger some of the strongest memories. That one will be with me for a lifetime.

  5. It's very sad that someone could let themselves be like that, I'm sure they must be aware surely. I wonder if he has just given up so long ago that he just doesn't care then at all.
    This reminds me of a story. There was a lady who lived on her own and had given up with life, she had lost the ones she loved and had just hidden away from the works for months now, she had even let her house become such a mess that there was no where to even place anything anymore or walk freely.
    One day there was a knock at her door, she never had any visitors anymore so she couldn't believe it. She opened the door and there in front of her were the most beautiful bunch of flowers she had ever seen in her life just lying there.
    She brought them in to her house and couldn't stop this amazing feeling of wonder going through her. She went to get a vase to put them in, came back into her lounge and realized she had no where to put them.
    She decided to tidy her table to make room for these majestic flowers.
    Once tidyed she sat down and a feeling of joy began to seep in to her body, she couldn't remember the last time she had felt that.
    She then decided that these flowers deserved to have a tidy room not just a tidy table. So she quickly started to clean and polish more, and kept returning her gaze to her beautiful present that had appeared from no where.
    Oh how amazing she was starting to feel, she then saw how the rest of her house now looked compared to the now sparkling clean parts she had done. Oh that's no good she thought, I can't let the rest of the house be let down, within the afternoon she had cleaned the whole house.
    She sat down and looked and looked at her flowers and looked around her, an immense feeling of happiness spread through her. A feeling that had long escaped her memory.
    All I'm trying to say is, you have no idea what you may have done for that man in that time you stayed while others ran for cover.
    He may have become so used to people being so disgusted by him that all care had left a long time ago. By you not running and staying, well you may well have been that bunch of flowers.

  6. adowler4/05/2012

    Well it was nice to meet you too, next time I'll introduce myself.

  7. Believe I am not this man's bunch of flowers. Any flowers involved would surely have decayed.

  8. Wow... I see what you mean now... this does sound toxic! :)

  9. No matter the price of gas. I will never NEVER give up my car. 

  10. Indeed. I am scarred for life.

  11. I wouldn't blame you at all, my friend.

  12. What a bad experience, I think I would have thrown up if I was on the bus.  

  13. I certainly fought to suppress the urge.


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