Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Second High

If Satan exists and resides in any one drug, that substance would have to be crack cocaine. That sh!t is evil incarnate. I literally watch a person’s soul evaporate right before my eyes. Completely devoured until nothing is left but an empty shell rotting away with the rest of the refuse on these desolate streets. These are the times that I truly question the existence of a God and if so how he would allow his children to suffer like this. It brings me pain to see people in this state. Content to lie amongst their own filth and waste because their humanity has been peeled away from them. Utter slaves to a tiny white stone no larger than the size of a ball bearing. How easily someone can trade in what is left of their existence for less than half a minute of euphoria.  I wonder how it begins..

On a day when all hope is lost they encounter one of the many swarming pushers that you have to practically swat away like buzzing pests..

The promise of salvation that you hear all too often in this godforsaken land..

Perhaps a free sample to have a tiny taste of what freedom from misery feels like..

And then begins the downward decent into the abyss. Deeper and deeper until the darkness consumes them, entering the point of no return..

Sometimes, I just want to snatch the crack pipe out of their hands and say


..but I don’t think that would make me a very popular person. And I am but one man. This place was like this long before I got here and it will be like this long after I am gone. I guess some things never change. Besides, I am not their maker and it is their life to do with as they please.. even if that decision is to destroy it.

*On a lighter note (no pun intended) I have just learned how to dismantle an ordinary lighter and reassemble it into a mighty flamethrower. Who knows, may prove useful someday.

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