Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Guy With No Arms Or Legs

There is a community center that provides services for the homeless.. mail, phone, computer, etc.. While waiting in line they will often play a movie or something to calm the mob which seems to work for the most part (kind of). Normally, it is some sort of action flick but this time it was something a little different. A motivational speaker named Nick Vujicic. This guy is truly an inspiration. All of sudden my worries seem so insignificant by comparison and it really makes me wonder what I have to complain about. He does it all.. plays golf, soccer, swims, surfs, all with a giant smile on his face. And on top of all of that he just got married to a smokin’ hot wife. But more than rising above his handicaps the guy truly has a way with words and really seems like an all around cool guy. I’m not ashamed to say that near the end of his speech I could almost feel a tear beginning to form (a manly tear of course).

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