Saturday, July 21, 2012

In The Waiting Line..

The toughest part is not really the horrid smell, constant fighting, and robbing, and overall general violence. After a while you get used to all of that. But the one thing that I will never be able to suffer very well is waiting in line(s). That is truly my Achilles heel because it is already very difficult for me to stay in one spot for very long, so when it adds up to hours on end it gets to be a bit mind-numbing..

I can sort of see how certain people stay homeless. There are some days when it is difficult to be anything else. Something that could normally be done in a matter of minutes takes a homeless person hours to accomplish. Each line can be somewhere from 30-45 mins and in many cases well over an hour so it is very easy to burn 4-5 hours a day just from standing in line.

A typical day..

A line for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. A line to check your bag into storage (some missions will not let you enter with a bag even to use the bathroom), to check the bag back out, a line to use the bathroom, for a haircut, to use the phone, to use the computer, a line for cup of coffee, a line for a shower ticket, to take a shower, to check mail, a line to get a ticket for shelter, a line to enter the shelter..


I guess I'm just venting a little. I really can't think of a better place to do that than this blog which I'm sure very few are reading by now and I really try to avoid taking my frustrations out on other people. The truth is I'm thankful for these services and I really appreciate the people that volunteer their time to make them available. Taking a shower is a very underrated experience and something that more people around here should honestly take advantage of. I just wish I had more time to do other things like write but unfortunately I have to wrap this up now. It's time to go wait in line..


  1. How long have you lived on Skid Row/on the street? How do you write on your blog (laptop, internet, etc)? It must be tough. I am sorry you have to deal with this. Like I've said in earlier posts, keep writing and make that your way of  dealing with this. I'm still reading these posts! I look forward to reading them.  :o)

  2. I know I make it look easy but it's really not.  Over time I've learned to be resourceful. It really doesn't bother me that nobody reads it.  It's more of a journal than anything else and it does provide a bit of therapy, but thanks for the encouragement and following my story :)  I know that I will figure something out, there's always a way. 

  3. Nomadic Living and Travels8/19/2012

    Yes, there is always a way...and, you never know who is reading and how it will impact keep on writing...and, in the end, the writing, any writing, has to be about or for us. I have been without a home for a few years, but I house and pet sit in order to have one. If you ever think that is an option for you, then check out some of the websites...I use and do require some money to join but not to browse the options. I, too enjoy your writing...take care and good luck with the lines. I can fully understand as I have had to stand in line for the basics before...made me appreciate all the times that I didn't.

  4. Thank you for the very encouraging words as well as the tip. Every bit helps :)

  5. is another good one, especially for Europe!

  6. Never hurts to gather info. Thanks.


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