Saturday, September 8, 2012


Well, I had to watch someone get the living hell beat out of them. Generally, a bout breaks out every couple of days or so but I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anyone get beat down this bad. Not by one person anyways. One word that will echo in my memory banks for a very long time..


If I were him I surely would not have entered that duel. It was a clear mismatch. He might as well have been fighting a young Mike Tyson (pre-tattoo). Word of advice for those that make a practice out of engaging in altercations, don’t start one if you know that you’re too drunk to handle yourself. You’re not going to win. Especially if the other guy is sober, and younger, and faster, and stronger, and probably a better fighter, and (list continues..). After witnessing the repeated crushing blows of fist-to-face contact my heart actually started to go out the guy, but it’s the code of the streets. Two men have to resolve their own differences man-a-mano. I’ve got to hand it to him, though. Outside of the numerous pleas for mercy he pretty much took his beating like a man. It looked like the other guy was even going to cut him a break, but that notion quickly dissolved with two words..

“No.. knockout”

I can’t say that he quite got that knockout that he wanted. But, since he was standing over top of him pretty much pounding his skull into the concrete I’m going to have to go ahead and rule this one a TKO.

So, what have we learned here, Today. Well, the moral of this story is pretty simple. Slumdog 101. When you’re in the hood..

Keep your f---ing mouth shut.


  1. Interesting community you're in. The one that has no community.

  2. Hey blog buddy! Hope you are keeping safe!! Keep writing!! You are an inspiration.

  3. Doing the best I can under the circumstances.  But thanks for the pep talk. You are an inspiration as well.


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