Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Slumdog 101

Tips for surviving in the slums..
  1. Never talk about somebody's Mom.
  2. Crack is wack.
  3. Whatever it is you thought you saw, you didn't see it.
  4. Always carry tissue in your pocket (just trust me on this one).
  5. Always have exact change
  6. Never borrow or loan.
  7. Never pay full price
  8. Don't get caught.
  9. Maintain hood credibility.
  10. Keep your f---ing mouth shut.
Follow these guidelines and your standard of living will increase dramatically.


  1. Many of my characters I create in my novels are homeless people. Not skid row, L.A. brand, but close. I have no special experience in the neighborhood, so I do a lot of speculation. Your reports from the field assist me in my writing. From the list above, I see a culture of individuals. Low profile, low communication, keep it simple, low interaction. It's the community of the solitary. 


    Dane Z.

  2. Beal Amy10/17/2012

    I miss you.
    ~ Amy

  3. I would find that to be an accurate assessment.


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